The Bad Guys

Palpatine(aka Darth Sidius aka The Emperor)

This version actually comes from a beta dimension and has a sense of

humor. He has his own ambitions but has never really made a move. He trained me as a sith.
The Force Palpatine has access to the dark side of the force. He is one of if not the most powerful sith in the world.

Darth Binks

Hear him speak

What if Jar Jar Binks trained under Palpatine and became a sith?

sorry all I could find was plain old jar jar. There are pics of

darth binks out there though.
Darth Binks The force is strong in this one
Lightsaber: Darth binks wields a two bladed light saber.


After his dissapearance in his home world he became a destroyer.

against the agenda of the destroyers he came looking for the secret

of Jurai. He got toasted.
Sword Kagato wields a long energy sword
Tellaport: Kagato can change his location with a thought
Intangibillity: Kagato is an energy based being and as such he can pass through tangible matter
Invisibillity: Kagato's body is not visible to the human eye.
Shadow: Kagato can act through an avatar of himself without putting himself at risk
Energy blasts Kagato can hurl both visible and invisible waves of concussive force.
Enerby absorbtion: Kagato's most dangerious power is his abillity to absorb battle energy directed against him and use it to make himself stronger.
Shape shifting: Kagato can take any form he pleases.
Destroyer ring: Kagato carried one of the seven destroyer rings.

Agent Smith

Comes from the world of the mega hit movie The Matrix. Another destroyer, and a major anal retentive.
Reality controll: Agents smith when inside the matrix is a god.
Self projection: Agent smith can leave the Matrix but is much weaker in the physical world
body switching: Inside the matrix Smith can posess the body of anyone who has never been outside of the matrix.
Fighting abillity: Smith is a master of every form of combat known to man.
Nigh invulnerabillity: Not only is he hard to take down he doesn't stay down.


Ever seen star trek 2 The Wrath of Kahn? Yes he's a destroyer too.

and in fact a god now. If you want to know more read the fics

BY the way Kahn was introduced during the original series of Star Trek

He was a super soldier from the ugenics wars of the late 21st

Destroyer ring: Kahn has a god level destroyer ring.

Darth Maximus

Hear him speak

A sith I regulated on during the Lucifer's Key Saga.
Lightsaber: Darth Maximus Wields a 3 bladed claw type lightsaber.
The force: Like any sith he has some use of the force
Lightsaber: He wields a custom 3 blade claw shaped lightsaber
Multiform: Darth Maximus can split his focus and multiply his bodies. While this allows him a numbers advantage it is hard for him to concentrate when his focus is coming from so many vantages.

Ezekiel Mortikai (aka Hue Jassguns)

Hear him speak
I cant say much about him. What I can say is he is the supream

destoyer. He spent his entire life searching for power.
Guns Guns Guns and more guns: He carries heavy armaments.
Lightsaber: a six blade shuriken style lightsaber.
Destroyer Rings: When the full power of the destroyers was revived Mortikai gained controll of all seven rings.
Sword of darkness The true form of the seven rings. A sword which feeds on the pain and suffering of its owner.
Destruction rains from above: The main attack of the sword of Darkness.


Suposedly the perfect pokemon. He Hates all humans and has become the

owner of the dark sword of omni. His ambition is to gather all

four parts of some greater power. Beware of his mind games.
Psychic power: Mewtwo's mind abillities are frighteningly powerful.

Using the darkstone Mewtwo evolved into Armewgedon. Like Megapuff's evolution his mind is clouded by rage and he incapable of reason.
Sword of darkness: The sword of Darkness was passed on to Mewtwo
Destruction rains from above: The ultimate attack from the sword of Darkness.
Armewgedon: The evolved form of Mewtwo using the darkstone. For some time after his transformation Armewgedon he lost his abillity to think logicly as well as his psychic powers. Although after some time he regained his higher mind functions and became even more dangerous.
Sword of the whole: Armewgedon actually succeeded in assembling the sword of the whole.


From the sailor moon world. actually the negaverse. He's not really

a bad guy but not entirely good either. He gave me the Lucifer's

key to duck out of the responsibillity of gaurding it

Illusion: Jadite can create strikingly real illusions
Tellekininis: Jadite can move objects with his thoughts.

Shang Tsung

Yes the bad guy from Mortal Kombat. He works for Mewtwo but is sure to return to his backstabbing ways. GOD THIS GUY'S EVIL!
Shape shifting: Not only can Tsung take the form of others he can also use their abillities.
Soul stealing: Shang tsung can enslave the souls of those he has defeated
Dragon Scream: A big energy attack.

Siefer Almasy

Side-line Villian of the world of Final Fantasy 8, he is a master of the Gunblade, but is very arrogant. Mewtwo found him and made a super-clone of him to use for the fight with Ray.
Multiform: Siefer is capable of multiplying his form.


Not The real saiyan but another enhanced clone created by Mewtwo. As the original, he has advanced forms (aka Super Saiyan). However, unlike the original, this clone has no capacity for good in his heart.
Galic gun: Vejiita's planet killer attack

Super Saiyan: Vejiita can power up to four levels of super saiyan.


Hear him speak

Nyphale is a character shrouded in mystery. His power is unheard of and its source unknown.
Monster: The other side of Nyphale's being is a mighty demonic beast.


Hear him speak

An angelic embodiment of wrath. His mind is a blur of suffering and torment which not even he understands. His origins are somehow tied to Frag's unfortunate demise.


Fragraham Lincon after his dissapearance seems to have attracted many immitators. Among them is the bounty hunter Cain. Cain Unline other lookalikes actually chose to look Like Frag in order to confront Darth Frag. Cain has studdied the original Frag's fighting style and mimics it to near perfection. Unlike Frag however Cain is no leader and has no caring for others or the greater good.


Hear him laugh

Hear him speak

The dark force controlling the vast conspiracy which has lead Frag's destiny. It is believed that Pyrion seeks to usurp heaven its self. Nothing else is known about this dark superpower.


The head of the DGF's corperate sector. He has no physical power but weilds something far more powerful. Cold hard cash.


Ray's arch nemisis. The chosen one of evil. Much like Ray Cordran had no choice in the path of his life. His sould descended into madness and he was consumed by the evil.