about CFAS

This page is dedicated to the apreciation of Carrie Fernandez also called Carrie eastfield by some. Carrie is by far the most effective character in the 3d castlevania games but unfortunately all the glory tends to go to the resident Belmon Reinhardt Shneider whom deserves apreciation in his own right but Carrie is the true gem of these games.

For instance can you name another 12 year old that (by my current record) can defeat all 3 of Dracula's forms in under 5 minutes? But not only for her incredible power should Carrie be apreciated but also for her unusual mix of Cute and scary that makes her so lovable.

What do I mean by cute and scary you ask. Well Carrie is a pretty typical looking little girl at first but one look at her icy gaze can tell you she's far more complex than you'd assume. Carrie's almost intimidating red eyes can tell you what's going on in that blue topped head of hers. She's not some helpless child crying for her mommy oh no. Carrie's icy cold, and at times a little bitchy too. Carrie doesn't pull any punches. She's just like a miniature serial killer. She can stand by and watch as her enemies die horrific deaths without feeling an ounce of pity for them. That's what I mean by cute and scary. One minute you're saying "awe how cute" the next you're screaming as a ball of fire incinerates your flesh. That's Carrie Fernandez.

And that's who CFAS is dedicated to.

And now a lession in pronunciation.
"CFAS" (see-fass)
A breakdown
See- as in "did you SEE this kickass fanart of Carrie?"
fass- like fast without the "T"