CFAS Affiliate Sites

Website Name Description
HFUFFMy first and best website. Come visit. It's loaded with all kinds of fan goodies. Music, fanfics, fanart and other stuff too
Castlevania BloodlustRun By Gaibon and Pyst Dude.
Quita's roomRun by the cfas member by the same name. Some really good fan art, some fanfiction and just plain stuff to know about Quita.
Vampire Hunter D bloodlinesa vampure hunter D site that looks quite promissing. has a few mentions of castlevania too
Castlevania Attic run by Humphrey. yet another good castlevania resource.
Castlevania XtacyOwned By Lollipop. An awsome fanart site you have to see to believe. The japanese section seems to have different material so check it out too.
Midnight SunA small but useful info site on some of the lesser known castlevania games including Rondo of blood.
The Dracula Revelations & outside transmission A Japanese Fan site devoted to Carrie. WARNING the site makes no seperation between adult and non adult sections so surf at your own risk.