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Here for be thy newsings

A smaller update today. I've edited the members listing to only contain actual people. The affiliate websites have been moved to their own section which you'll notice on the main page. That will make updating a little easier for me and more obvious for first timers to find the links section. Also Kevin Fong's Darkness Becomes Me fanfic was prematurely added. Chapter 2 was incomplete. I've now added the complete version of the chapter so go and enjoy.

Happy New Year everyone. Can you believe CFAS has been around for 3 years already? Some members have just signed up and gone quiet and nothing wrong with that. Participation isn't necessary for being a fan. It's just cool that they declared their fandom for a character in a game that isn't "cool" and wasn't even on a popular system. But hey it's a good game and a cool character. We can like what we want to.
My new years resolutions. Get a decent job, Build a robot.. ..yeah you heard me. a robot. Incidentaly my favorite CV boss is the gear boss from Bloodlines. And finaly to write more fanfics and sharpen up my writing skills.
Anyway by now you're sick of hearing me talk so on to the updates. Fanfics have been updated with three pieces from Kevin Fong who may well be a new master of angst if he keeps it up. Chapter 22 of Dark Haven is up. Darkness Becomes her has been added, the second chapter of Darkness Becomes her is added. In addition I've made a small fanart update. A mouse art added that I did to test the optical mouse my brother got me for Christmas, and I've re edited the "Carrie Casting a Spell" pic which is now larger and just plain better than the old version. It's noted in the description as well so you won't miss it.
Finaly I've updated submission guidelines with a little extra info about fanfics. I haven't actually had problems with people sending .doc files but I figured I'd add a bit of info just in case. Anyway here's to another year of CFAS.

Several new chapters of the fanfic Dark Haven have been added so go and enjoy. I'll get the ending of it up soon. Also thanks to Pyst Dude a number of high res screenshots from CV64 have been added in pics. As for CV news...There is no news today. I guess I could pass on the Lament of Innocence reviews for people who don't check them. Graphics good, music...(it's castlevania of course the music rocks hard), gameplay average though lagged a bit by block puzzles and repetative jumps, Story downright bad. overall Xplay gave it a 3/5 the middle of the board average score.

Apologies to Quita. Not only has despite our differences link been fucked up for 6 bloody months. Seriously Quita if I do that again hit me with a sock full of batteries or something. It's fixed now. I flubbed the link to one of her recent fanarts little pian now fixed. And I misspelled her name in the below news post. The girl is cursed I think. That or you're reading a website written by a dumbass.

New stuff today. Go check the members page for our newest member and fanstuff for his fanfic "dark haven" and expect further chapters soon. And let's not forget the generous contribution of 3 fanarts by Quita. at this rate she'll pass me in amount of works on the site. As well i forgot to update the news but earlier this month I added a new wallpaper from Quita and updated submission guidelines. So go check out the good stuff.

A small update today. A new link added in members. Lolipop actually told me about this site a year ago but I lost the URL and only found it again recently. It's a pretty good art site but I can't get babelfish to propelry translate the name. Must be in Kanji. I also added a new Wallpaper from Quita. Finally I'd like to say that a friend of mine has found a scanner and is currently working on it so soon I may be able to scan new fanart for the site. That's all for now. Hopefully a bigger update later.

Not a very big update today just a small bit of fanart from myself. You'll find two new pics from me in fanstuff. That's all for now. Until next time, Koga Igarashi can eat my ass.

Small update today. A few more credits in the official info area and a new member website "midnight sun." Not much of an update but I don't want the site to become inactive.

Damn I'm so lazy. I've been working on this update for a little while. First of all Reinhardt changed his email address, New fanart from Lolypop, and Pyst dude with his Carrie sprites. A tiny bit more info on the official info page. Finally just for me I renamed the files related to the fanfic "My tainted childhood" from "Tainted-Child" to "taincild" why you ask? Because when I'm on WinMX (file sharing program) people kept downloading the file. Buncha friggin' perverts out there.

Two new members added and some fanart and a wallpaper by me. Also thanks to Pyst dude for suplying some of the concept art from CV64. You'll find those in the pics section. since some of the older pics were cut from the full scans I've deleted some redundant pics. Enjoy. One final bit of news. Aparenlty Konami is taking the dip into the realm of 3D castlevania again. I've only seen two screenshots on a japanese website. It might be an attempt to revive CV resurection and suposedly it will be on PS2 (though that's only rumor) I'll try to get updated info on the forum later.

Updates today. First of all our newest member is Pyst Dude. Second I've added the official info section I was talking about on the Forum. It's still a baby so it's going to be growing as time goes by. And for the newbies I've added the submissions Guidelines section. Fan stuff has been updated with my colored version of one of Saria's pics (listed under my works) hope it's okay with her. I can't seem to contact her to get permission. Finally... HOLY CRAP. I hadn't even realized the site had been around for one year much less for TWO. *Sniff* they grow up so fast.

Whew that was a hard 2 weeks. I'm back and glat to be here. I thank good friends for it and count my blessings. In the time I would normally have been surfing...let's just say I was playing A LOT of Castlevania. Anyway on to the updates. First of all Apologies to Edgar as he would have preffered a different name and is now known as "SimonGranCarnal" I've changed his name in the members section to reflect this. In addition say Hello to Holyice7 our newest member. Also I got a description up for Lollipop. When he signed up there was kind of a language barrier so I couldn't get his description but I found he had one on his website. Sadly it seems his website is down now. Hope he'll fix it. Been drawing a lot of fanart lately. Too bad I have no scanner. But my luck is getting better so mabey I'll find one. That's all for now.

This may be the last update for quite some time with closing down my ISP account. Say hello to Edgar our newest member. In addition right now I've got 2 new carrie pics I found online and a number of fanarts from lolipop. Hope to be back soon with new stuff. Hang tight Carrie fans.

We've had a name change of one of our more active members. Crescent Lancer would like to be known hence fourth as Hyperbole.
Hyberbole hy-pur-boh-lee: a literarry exhageration used to make a point. "the skyscrapers were so tall that the highest had to be hinged on the top three floors to allow the moon to pass by"
Heheh I saw that on a poster a long time ago.

The 8th and final chapter of "Trials of the Heart" by Crescent Lancer is now up and ready for enjoyment. Go and enjoy. I hope that in the future CFAS may see another series of this quallity.

Thanks to Crescent lancer for the next part of the fanfic "Trials of the Heart" Go and read. don't deprive yourself of this moving and emotional fanfic.

small but cool update today. Quita's fanfic "Despite our Differences" is finnished. Go check out the complete thing in the fan works section

Took me long enough but I updated again. New fanfic from me "Malus is Malus" and three chapters of the very kickass fic Trials of the heart. New Member (also named Malus) Geez lots of Malus involved in this update. I know it took a long time I'm a lazy bastard. If anyone had something I forgot please do tell me. Contact me by Email or Forum. To speed up the load time of the news page I've deleted some of the old news posts though I did leave the ones relating to members joining and stuff. By the way it may be some time before I post any fanart from myself as I now don't have a scanner at home and I'm now unemployed and doubtful my new job will have a scanner I could easilly access for fanart.

WOOOHOOO!! you guys are going to love this update. two new members, two new fanarts (one of which being my best carrie pic yet the other being from the guy I mentioned at the last update. Also got chapter 3 of Trials of the heart from Crescent lancer so enjoy the good stuff. Oh yeah and Lollipop (aforementioned dude) also has his site as a member now. turns out there was more of it than I thought too so give a look (he's updated as well) BTW an addional thanks to Quita as it was a post from her on the message board that inspired that fanart I did. okay that's all I'm going to bed.

We got a new member today. also two new member websites were added. I also put up a little fanart from myself. And for the hell of it check this out. I found it while looking for some more carrie pics. I also found the guy's website. Castlevania Xtacy
Though you may want to steer clear of the "adult" section.... or not. whatever floats your boat. I've asked him for permission to put some of his fanart up on the site but unfortunately I don't think he's updating his site anymore. still his fanart kicks ass.

Quita's been busy. She sent in yet another fanart and two screenshots. also Humprey sent in a fanart and I've got the email links to raven and Jay Smilie. also Broken Alucard would like to announce that he's closed his old website and opened a new one called Vampire hunter D bloodlines. I'll put the link up later.

We got two new members today. Raven and Smilie so go say hello. Also Smilie sent in a kickass fanart. And I'm told the registration bug on the forum is finally fixed. one way to find out.

Gaibon decided to update his profile so go see what he has to say. He's also given his website a bit of a revamp with a little assistance from a friend. So go take a look at the castle wall. As for the forum. We're working on fixing that nasty registration bug. but untill it's fixed feel free to read all the forums and you can still post without signing up as an anonymous user. For those reading my other websites. I know HFUFF hasn't updated lately. But I'm still putting up fanart and manga from time to time. soon enough there should be a new chapter there. UBERGEEK is currently under my controll GWAAAHA! so go and have fun people

WOOHOO! two new members. go say Hi. Humphrey didn't have much to say about him but cute kitsune kaydee sure made up for it. some rather unique comments from her. wow 13 members and this site hasn't even been up for a year. Heheh I figured I'd point that out since 13 is a lucky number for me. Oh I'm not done yet. We also have the forum back up. so go check it out. you're welcome to use all the forums. you'll find CFAS down as currently the only hosted forum. You have to register to post I think but to do that all you need to do is click on the link up near the top fill in one page of info (we won't spam you we promise.) and you're free to post post post like mad. I'll add a new member website soon I just gotta check over it first. Ah today is a good day for the fandom.

***takes a deep breath**** Whew I know it's been awhile but when you see this update you'll see why it took so long. We got two new fanfics. Rembrandt by a non member. and chapter two of the very kickass trials of the heart. New fanart from Quita, new pics of carrie and a new member Sarah Belmont. Say hello then go talk about it on the forum.

WOOO new shiny spankin new forum. It's called the Gab table a name I've used for my forum extensively. It's hosted by a good friend of mine meaning no spam, no popups, no banners in general no bullshit that EZboard has been pulling. signing up is a single page and then you can post. Thanks to Gaibon for pushing me to get this done. And feel free to visit the other forums on the Gab table as well. BTW in an extra bit of cheer I finally got a DVD player WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! next update expect fanart from Quita.

One of the great things about the net is that one can so easilly alter his identity. Well So you all know such an alteration has happened. Resident CFAS member Alucard has chosen a somewhat more unique name: Gaibon. You'll find his email address has changed too. I've changed his entries on the site to reflect that. Sorry there haven't been many updates. Uhg this cold weather has screwed me up.

A little update for all of you guys still waiting for me to get that scanner. I added a new pic of Carrie in the pics of Carrie section. It's another look at those prototype pics. And while you're at it surf on over to this site It's a fan art site that doesn't have much but it has a great pic of Carrie and a pretty good one of Malus too.

I'd been putting it off for awhile but I made a walking version of the 16 bit Carrie sprite. Not much of an update I know but at least we can try and guess what it would be like if our favorite sorceress appeared in a new 2D Castlevania game. HINT HINT KONAMI!

We got a new member yay!!! Another tallented artist and writer and rabid Carrie fan. So say hello to Quita. You know not too long ago I said to myself "I'll make a website devoted to a character no one else seems to care about. Well I was pleasantly surprized to see all of you people signing up and declaring your apreciation of this wonderfully creepy little girl. I'm happy now.

Everyone say hello to our new friend Crescent Lancer whom has just joined the group. This just happens to be the writer of Trials of the heart the kickass fic that was put up not too long ago. Of course since that fic has moved under a member name the non members area of fan stuff went bye bye. I'll bring it back if I ever get any other non member fan works.

Alucard joined the club of "dudes and dudets with websites" and the link is on the members page. Go take a look.

Good news. A new member signed up so go look over on the members section and say hi to Broken Alucard (not to be confused with just plain alucard). He also has a website which is now a member so go look at that too.

I added another winamp skin in the fanstuff section.
on another note for reasons I won't explain here Mimi's fic might be on hold for awhile. And for those looking to contact me by other means aside from email you can contact me via the castlevania board at or my own message board the gab table over at HFUFF

Calvin signed up with our silly little band of misfits so say hi to him
Currently playing: nothing beat em all

and a note of encouragement. One of our members Alucard is having his tonsils taken out so wish him luck and a swift recovery.

New member aboard by the name of Fenris. Always good to have new members. On the side of Castlevania news. Some of you may have heard of Castlevania chronicals. It's a remake of drakula x68000 which I think (emphisis on think) is a super graphical remake of the first castlevania. The makers were really anal about letting people import it though. Hopefully it'll come stateside.

Hoojah sucka! one day up and we've already got a new member. Say hello to Mimi Sakura whom has also doubled the size of the fanworks page with her entries. I SAY HOOYAH!

Hoora hoora the page is up and running. All the links are good except for playing as Carrie which will be ready soon. Now send stuff and join PLEASE!!!!!!