Official Info

This section is all about the people responsible for creating Carrie. So roll credits.

Character programmers: Hiroshi Shibata and Kenji Yamamoto
These are the dudes who took models sketches, info and made them into the playable Carrie.

Character designer: Tomohiro Morisawa
This would be the guy who made the original sketches and drawings that eventually became Carrie and is primarilly responsible for her appearance.

Voice Actress: Bianca Allen
She's the one who provided Carrie's voice. The only spoken line she had in Castlevania 64 was "Whatever awaits I have no regrets" which Carrie says at the start of the game. This was unfortunately deleted in Legacy of Darkness leaving only Carrie's various, yells and other battle associated sounds.

Illustrator: Yasuomi Umetsu Not exactly sure what this is. I think mabey did some sketches and character design. Might possibly be the director of the anime "Kite"

Producers: Toru Hagihara and Etsunobu Ebisu
Toru also did work on Circle of the moon and the original contra series. These guys produced the N64 games. I'm not exactly clear on the differences between director and producer so anyone who knows please inform me.

Thanks go to the Castlevania Dungeon for providing much of the info here. More info to come. This area is still under construction watch for falling debris.