Musings ~ A note from Carrie Fernandez

As it would seem, I've found my way from the fiery depths of Hell . . .
Only to emerge back into the cold and empty world I was born into.
Naturally, I was slightly relieved to be through with my past quest which had ended so abruptly.
Too quickly if you really want my opinion.
I . . . I don't know what will become of me now, except that I'll have to find somplace to live,
Or someone who will take me in.
When my quest had started, I was a born-again orphan with no one left to care for me.
I admit I act older than my age, yet I also willingly admit I'm not ready to live on my own . . .
Even so, someone I barely even know has offered me a place within their home,
Yet I didn't wish to impose on this kind stranger.
Of course, he and I met while on our similar quests, parting at certain times to pursue our own interests.
Even stranger; he emerged from the final battle with someone special to him close by . . . I had no one.
At one point, however, there was someone whom I had respected on a greater level . . .
That feeling quickly fell away to confusion, then hatred.
Malus . . . an innocent boy who bore the soul of the Prince of Darkness himself.
I still curse myself for thinking that we could have been friends, at least.
I must remind myself not to let my guard down in the future . . .

Scrawlings ~ A Note from Reinhardt Schneider

And thus, a new life begins anew for me . . .
My life-long destiny fulfilled as I came to the end of the quest that had heavily burdened me.
Lay such a burden on me years before it had even started.
All innocent life that was taken by evil for has been avenged . . . for now.
If only the soul of one of the two children I had looked out for had been saved . . .
Alas, a feat far from possible.
May the boy's inner innocense rest in peace.
And may the girl's sanity always remain with her . . . never to haunt her again.
I do know that someday the Prime Darkness will again awaken . . .
Only to have another from my bloodline rise to snuff it out.
Like smoke from an idle candle, the darkness moves.
Seen; but un-noticed . . .
I know that as long as I have my partner by my side, I know that for now the world we know will be all right . . .
After all, she is the one who instilled me to continue on without vain.

Letters ~ A Note from Rosa

I'm glad that God has forgiven me for my sinful past . . .
I am more than ashamed of what I was for a short while.
However, I sometimes wish I could have remained in the afterlife.
While anxiously awaiting judgement, I was able to say goodbye to a friend who was taken away from me long ago.
And yet, I wished to stay . . .
But he bid me farewell, wished me luck and before I knew it, I was back on earth standing before my savior.
I returned home only to find that my family had been horibly shaken by the past events,
They weren't even well enough to emotionally support me on my arrival.
It's as if they were in denial that it was actually me who had walked through that door.
But now, I have a new life and a new love . . .
And I pray that the world we know will be safe for the rest of our lifetimes,
At least . . .