Submitting Material

Submitting is easy really. You don't need to be a member to do it either. Below are the basic guidelines. All pretty obvious stuff.

Fan Works

Fan works are anything you made yourself of course. They go into one of three listings. Fanfics, Fanart, and Other Shite. Fanfics are fan made stories, Fanart is a fan made picture and Other Shite is anything else.

To submit any fan work just put it into a file attachment and Email it to me.
If you're a member I'll start a listing for your work. If you're not I'll stick it along with your name and email (unles you want it withheld) under the heading "Non Members".

Fan Fics
Fanfics are rated between G and NC-17. In depth info on the ratings is at the top of the fan stuff page. The ratings aren't necessarilly to tell you that you can or can't read them according to your age but to give you an idea of what to expect when you do read them. The rest is your descision. I personally read all fanfics submitted and rate them myself. No matter what the rating though I'll post any Castlevania fanfics submitted as long as they somehow contain or at least mention Carrie as a plot point, and they aren't anti-fics. (an anti-fic is a fic made in hatred of a character and we're not here to hate Carrie after all.)
In order to be readable on all systems a fanfic must be in either .txt (plain text) format or .html (web page) format. .html will give you the advantage of better formatting if you know how to use it but it's more work and only a few people seem to do fanfics in HTML. txt can be read by anyone on any system be it, Windows, Mac, Linux, or a friggin Unix mainframe if that's your inclination. I do not accept .doc format as it has extremely poor compatibility even within windows. Any editor you use to type your fanfics is capable of saving in plain text format. Just click the filetype box below the file name box and choose .txt for plain text.
Finaly I'd preffer when sending fanfics that you send me as a file attachment the original document from your computer as links to require me to do a lot of work to reformat the text thus it will take me longer to get the fic onto the site.

Fan Art
The guidelines to submitting fan art are much simpler. Just send the file attachment as a .gif .jpg or .png file and I'll post it. If you want to give the picture a title tell me that as well along with any comments you might have on it. If you don't have any comments I might post some of my own if I have something special to say about it. Finally there is only one restriction on fan art. NO HENTAI! I think people are smart enough to figure out what constitutes art even if edgy and what's flat out porno. I'm very leniant on this. Let's say you want to draw a sexy pic of an adult version of Carrie in a swimsuit. That's fine just keep the naughty bits hidden. Artistic use of Nudity is fine too. I'm no nazi on this so if you're not sure about something you want to submit then go ahead and submit it anyway and I'll judge for myself. Don't worry I'm not easilly offended and I won't get mad at you.

Other Shite Other Shite can be just about anything you've created. Winamp skins, wallpaper, music, musings, games or whatever. With wallpaper I ask that you send it as a 640x480 or 800x600 size since to keep a small filesize without quallity loss. Most versions of windows can stretch the image to fit higher resolution screens after all.

Site Material

So you want to help the site? Well if you see something on the site that you could help improve just email me and tell me. Perhaps there's a dead link, or a spelling error. Mabey you've got some information on a new castlevania game for the news. Or you have info for our official info section or mabey you just captured a really badass screenshot for the pics section. Send them all, I apreciate the help.