Has everyone gathered that the spirit in the prologue is Aeris? No? It’s Aeris.  She can’t join the lifestream because the holy materia is in there.  She isn’t part of the lifestream, but can “contact” the living world in dreams.  Eg. The end of FF7 where Cloud-sama sees her hand reaching out of the Lifestream…Cloud-sama was so tired from fighting Sephiroth-sama that he was kind of asleep…


I still can’t I did that to my poor Cloud-sama…..read and you’ll find out… have u noticed? That the chapter names are chunks out of Melodies of life?





Chapter 3





Sitting alone in his room, on the end of his bed, Cloud slowly pulled his rather worn fingerless gloves off his hands and after rolling then into a ball he tossed them onto the nearby chair.  He stared down, at the faded, puckered scars that mirrored themselves across both of his hands.  He remembered gripping the razor sharp blade of the Masamune, even though it’s blade sliced into his hands coating it with even more of his blood, grasping it’s slippery blade, grasping it’s blade slippery with his blood.  His eyes flicked then to the even fainter scars on his wrists. 


It was not long after Tifa had the accident in the Nibelheim Mountains, maybe a week, two at most.  Cloud couldn’t face the towns’ and his peers accusations so had kept to his room, not even talking much to his mother.  You could imagine the shock and horror when she, had come into his room to ask  if he had wanted any lunch, to find Cloud lying unconscious on the floor of his room, blood quickly flowing from his slit wrists.  He had woken up in a hospital bed, his wrists bandaged and feeling incredibly light headed from the loss of blood.  The doctor had said that he had been very lucky, if the cuts had been any deeper, he wouldn’t be here talking to him now.  It was only 3 years after, that he left Nibelheim to join SOLDIER.  


He lay down, hands propped behind his head, he thought about a topic that bothered him quite a bit.  No matter what the Newspapers or the News said, he hadn’t wanted to kill Sephiroth because he wanted to kill him out of revenge or whatever, he had killed him because he had to, as had all of them.  After all, he had been human after all, and that didn’t make him any different from Aeris.  With those thoughts he drifted slowly off to sleep.         


Cloud stood in the doorway of the church, the warm rays of the sun shining through the dusty, stained glass windows of the church, bathing it in a soft mellow light.  The sweet scent of the thriving flowers filled and perfumed the air with their delicate fragrance.


Among the flowers, her back facing the door knelt a familiar figure.  He gently closed the slightly agar door, and the girl stood up, turning around, her hair swinging from the semi-sudden movement.  As she recognized him she smiled, her face lighting up.  He smiled in reply and quietly whispered…


“You promised, but you never did come back…” 


He finished sadly.  She turned away smiling again, almost regretfully and ran through the door into the back section of the church.  He followed after her, but to his surprise, instead of creaking dusty planks beneath his feet, he was standing in the dirty polluted streets of Midgar, where they had first met.  He turned around and saw her smile that same regretful smile again and disappear down the ally her flower basket in her arms.  He ran across the street, almost getting knocked over in process, and into the dark ally. 


The sun shone down through the trees sprinkling the soft green grass of the Sleeping Forests’ floor with dappled light.  He saw her, just beyond several trees from where he sat near the entrance of the forest.  He stood up and turned to face her.  Aeris just stood there for a second before whispering goodbye and running out of the Sleeping Forest.


     He awoke with a jolt, and knew what he had to do.   





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