NameSelf description
Fragraham Lincon Hey all you Carrie fans it's me the founder. Not only am I the founder I'm a member too. HOOZAH!
Mimi Sakura I'm 15 and I love castlevania games, my all time favorite character is Carrie, My seconde favorite is Alucard, but Carrie is by far the best!!
Alucard5'8 145 pounds Very musculre (for real I am!) green Eyes Brownish Blond hair.I AM THE CASTLE VANIA KING OF THE FOURTH GAME FOR SUPER AND SYMPONY OF THE NIGHT! Not realy I'm Just realy good at Playing the games( especialy the fourth one). I'm fourteen. Thanks!
Fenris I started to write fanfics not to long ago so I'm a little rough but I love to write and I found it a great way to express myself and use my insanity for a purpose. Currently I'm working on fics for Castlevania, In the Forests of the Night, and a few others. If you want to find out more about me(which I seriously doubt) just give me a howl I like to get-mails at least once in a blue moon. Favorite Quote: Don't knock on Death's door. Ring the door bell and run. Death hates that.
CalvinWeird, somehow desperately in love with the Fernandez girl, a black belt master in Tae Kwan Do 3rd degree, and that's about it.
ZerutalI'm Calvin's brother, second degree red belt, puggy, and very affectionate to animals.
Crescent LancerI am 15 years old and I love Castlevania. My favourite characters are Carrie and Malus. I also love Final Fantasy, not that anyone cares
Broken AlucardIm 14 my all time favorite game is Castlevania!And my favorite charater is Simon but Alucard kicks ass too.
Saria(description pending)

Website Name Description
HFUFFMy first and best website. Come visit. It's loaded with all kinds of fan goodies. Music, fanfics, fanart and other stuff too
Castlevania Hell FireRun by Broken Alucard. Has a lot of images and some news.
Alucard's dungeonAlucard's personal website. Go there to learn a little more about him.