Renegade Force Members

Fragraham Lincon (a.k.a. Fudo Ryuo)

Fragraham Or Frag for short lived his early life on Planet Jurai under the Name Fudo Ryuo. But he was wrestless with his easy life and left home as soon as he could with the aid of his tree/ship Gomisaki. He became a space pirate and adopted a "devil may care" attitude. However his adventures soon expanded beyond anything he'd ever imagin as he found himself stuck in the middle of interdimensional wars and discovered himself to be the holder of the mighty ultimate force. Now Frag is pulled along by a power which he niether wants nor understands.
Shinkukaken: (literally means crimson fire strike) A small compressed and very explosive ball of energy. It can be generated very quickly and travels fast. Works well as a surprize attack.
BFG (stands for Big F*cking gun) Frag picked this up when he snuck into the NCCs vault. This gun is helluva huge
Subspace mannipulation Frag can create tiny pockets in the vortex for storing his weapons. guns: Frag carries a mass of guns strapped to his body and the inside of his coat at all times.
light saber Frag is the only fool in the universe crazy enough to wield a 4 bladed lightsaber. It's blades are red reflecting his background with the Sith
SwordIt's 50 feet long. Only frag and a few others are even strong enough to lift it much less wield it. It is made of carbonadium a special carbon alloy of adamantium.
MechaFrag: This is Frag Wearing a special robotic armor. Has access to all of Frag's moves plus a few more. mecha missiles: several tiny missiles are hidden inside the mecha armor. They can be fired one at a time or all at once

Mecha flame thrower: just what it sounds like
freeze ray also a no brainer
MegaloFrag: After much training and meditation Frag achieved a new level of being. This evolution of spirit and body is called The super human. MegalloFrag has access to powered up versions of Frag's moves but doesn't use his weapons.
Shadow bomb: An enhanced version of shinkukaken. It can be generated it two hands seperately and hurled rapidly.
Megalo beam cannon: A striegh piercing beam of energy.
Megallo knuckle: an energy encased flying punch. alternately called Megallo punch and megallo strike.
W bombardment: a full power blast which will usually test the limit of any power gauge. it takes a long time to charge and a long time for frag to recover from using.
Ultimate Megallo Knuckle: Megallo Knuckle using the power up fron Wbombardment.
Crycannon: a huge freezing beam.
Ultimate Force: Frag can summon fourth a power which embodies the hope of the universe. it is represented by 13 lighthawk wings. It is believed that the lighthawk is not the true form of the ultimate force.
13 point star A 13 point shuriken made from all of lighthawk wings. hurl it and hope it doesn't boomerang.
Heaven's devide all the 13 blades made into one huge sword. it's also the name of the most powerful attack attack of said sword.
OMNIFRAG: The ultimate level of the human spirit. When Frag had nothing left to give and the hope of the universe rested on his shoulders he achieved the perfection of the human spirit. Omnifrag has a unique move set which work by controlling time and space with his will. Omnifrag is in touch with past present and future but can only focus on a small amount at one time. Because of this he has limited vision of the future in relation to his choices which makes it seem like he can lay complex plans but in reality he's only guessing and seeing the results of those guesses in advance. While Omnifrag is not nearly as powerful as the full power of the ultimate force he has greater control of his own power in this form and as such he can call up more power at one time than the Ultimate Force in the Lighthawk wing form. However Omnifrag's power would be dwarfed in strength if the Ultimate force were to show its purest form.
Final Hollocost the ultimate version of shinkukaken.
Grand Kaizer: The ultimate energy punch
Voice of God: Omnifrag spits a sweeping laser from his mouth
Absute Zero Omnifrag freezes a one mile cube of ice.
Sword of Smiting devides the enemies spirit from their body temporarilly which drops their power to nearly nothing
grand creation creates a pocket of space that is niether here nor there. then sends it back to the big bang.
All heaven Frag expands his pressence to fill the omniverse the compresses it onto one point infinitely small. The result is a big explosion which equals the sum of energy in mass in existance. fortunately for the universe frag phases himself and his oponent out of reality for the explosion.
Sword of the cross: Once Ray becomes the Warrior of the Cross Frag lends the muscle to swing this all powerful weapon.
Ultimate Ultimate Force: The true shape of the Ultimate force. There is no finite limit to this form's power. Used only once.
Seal darkness: Places a seal to cut Evil powers off from reality
Self sacrifice: Releases the Ultimate force from self to create an unsurvivable attack.
GodOmniFrag: The same level of power as Omnifrag but with complete controll. With full view of his powers GodOmniFrag is exponentially more effective than before.
Godsword: Forms a blazing sword from his power.
Cross cut: quarters enemy with the Godsword.


This is my ship. Like all Jurai ships it's a living ship. While she's not all that bright she's very well meaning.
Human form: Gomisaki can express her shape as a young blue haired woman.
Ship Form: Gomisaki is after all a Jurai ship. In this form she's the size of a small town. And like all Jurai ships she is loaded with huge ass guns. While in ship form she can show her Human form inside the ship.
Tree Form Before a ship matures it looks like a tree. Gomisaki can also take the shape of a tree to rest. Although She cannot safely take root in non Jurai soil or risk losing her abillity to change into a ship.

Terra Branford

She comes from the world of FF6. She is half human Half Esper. She has great magical powers, but isn't always able to controll them. She is also the major cutie of the Renegade force. (still acting member)
Esper Form: Terra can temporarilly express the esper side of her being. She's more powerful like this but lacks controll.
Magic: Terra has so many spells it isn't even funny.


He Joined the Renegades along with the rest of the Ginyu force. He's now the only remaining member. His loyalty is without question. Fire Crusher Ball: This is Jase's ultimate attack.
Purple Hurricane: This is a dual flying attack that Jase uses in combination with Bertyr of the Ginu force.


Zarbon just oozes coolnes. He speaks with an accent. I think it's Australian.

His greatest power is his abillity to transform into a muscular beast.(still an acting member)
BEAST Zarbon loses his cool looks in exchange for raw power.


Goku's older brother from Dragon Ball Z. He didn't last long in the series, but I added him

because of his coolness. He now is much stronger and is a full Super saiyan.(still acting member)

Normal Form Plain ole raditz

Super Saiyan Raditz can power up to 4 levels of super saiyan.
Keep your eye on the birdie: The only move raditz ever gave a name to. No one's ever seen it as every time he tries to use it he gets interupted.


From the world of Ronin Warriors. He wears the armor of loyalty. As with any Renegade force

member, he is the coolest character from his world. (Acting member as of Lucifer's key saga part 5)
Normal Form In this form Anubis Weilds a magic staff.
Armored Form Anubis dawns the armor of loyalty and with it tremendous power.
Quake with Fear Anubis materializes chains all around and binds his enemies.


From an odd Delta dimension wich was a combination of Zelda and Final Fantasy 7. He is a

combination of Link and Cloud. Afte his victory over his long time Nemissis Sephidorf, he

joined the Renegade force. He has no laove of the DGF and their views of Delta dimension inferiority. (Acting member as of Lucifer's key saga part 4)
Master Buster: Clink's sword is helluva huge.
Metaforce: Clink carries a green stone which allows him access to the power of earth's ellements.
Dinfrit: Clink summons a fire goddes and uses it to attack his enemy

Shiru: A mighty ice goddes which clink can summon using the metaforce.
Sirore: A goddes of life. Clink can call on her help in desperate times
Ultima Arrow: A far flying arrow that dellivers a big magic attack on impact.
Goddesses of the round: clink's ultimate spell. He summons Dinfrit, sirore, and shiru at the same time and lets them unleash their wrath. So much power it's dangerous to use

Omni spinslash: Clinks strongest sword attack. He slashes over and over spinning on his heels untill his sword has so much momentum that he lets it pull his body. Finally with one mighty stroke he plants his sword's edge into his enemies torso and cleaves them in half.
tools: It seems Clink has a gadget for every occasion
Blue Elixer: A healing potion from Clink's new world. But they're very expensive.

Brick Familly

Consists of Brick boy, Cindar block man, Jigglyblock, and Pet Rock. Brick boy is the only one

who can talk. Cindar block man is very wise but only ever says "CINDAR BLOCK MAN"

When he needs to say something Brick boy provides translation. Jigglyblock is the child

of Cindar block man and a female Jigglypuff.I can't tell you what he looks like

but I do have a broken Image link

Pet rock is just what it sounds like.

It only barks out the word rock. (all acting members)


The evolved form of JigglyBlock. Ultra agressive.

Hulk Hogan

I found him in a beta dimension where he had never left the WWF. He is the human manifestation

of everything a good guy should be.(Acting member as of Lucifer's key saga part 2)


The ultra rare 151st Pokemon. He is revoltingly cute and has the maturity level

of a two year old. However he is also incredibly powerful.

I didn't exactly recruit him. He found me. (Acting member as of Dark sword part 1)

Princes Mula

A huge binome amazon from the world of Reboot. She's not really a princes but I'm not about to tell her that.
Strength Mula is helluva strong.

Gaurdian/Proffessor Ray Doss

He started the whole DGF series and is aparently "The Chosen One." There's a bit of a rivalry between us since he got hit by Jigglyblock.
The powers of a 90 lb. weakling.
Guardian/Supreme Guardian:
Normal powers of said rank. Not going to get into discription.
Full Chosen One:
Only used in Season One and is only able to described as helluva powerfull. Has more raw power than an Ultimate Evolution, but literally no controll and can't maintain the form for more than 30 minutes, 3 days in the novel.
Punch/Kick: Well, he's third only to the angels and God.
Slash with sword: See above.
Dimensional Omni-Power Blast: Focuses the power of then entire Vortex into one spot, then unleashes it in a continous beam that even tears Ray apart, so he must redirect power from the beam to heal himself. Later used in a much less powerful form as his "Kameha-meha."
Aquired in Season 2, he splits his powers into three areas, and boosts the stats of one area but kills all power to the others. Abilities differ slightly, but are focused on strength: Might; mind: Sight; and soul: Life.
Chosen one:
Formed when all three powers are equaled out, increasing the overall power of the three. Is fairly powerfull, but doesn't gain any new techniques. Used from Season 2 on.
Ultimate Chosen One:
After having gained a new perspective, Ray was able to evolve his mind, body, and spirit into a new power. He became a Super-human. Gained during Sword of Darkness as a means to fight Mewtwo.
Arc of Destruction: Pushes his sword into the fabric of reality, then swipes it in an arc. This destroys everything in that arc. Door to the Abyss: Again, thrusts his sword into the fabric of reality, then cuts out a door that leads to hell.
Vortex Cut: never used, but he cuts his opponent vertically, horizantaly, and diagnally, then pushes his sword into his opponents midsection. As they begin to heal, he floods his sword with Vortex energy and detonates it.
G.U.N.: It is unclear what this stands for. G.U.N. is a large handgun which was created by the legendary Doc Brown and stored in a vortex pocket which was keyed to the chosen one's signiture. As such only Ray can call on this weapon. Sword of Darkness:
Uses the SOD like a Power ring, much as Kun did. Increases his power, but eats at his sanity quickly. Can only be used for short times or he will lose his mind forever.
Darkness Rains from above: SOD Skill.
Blade of darkness:
Formed when he combines the Blade of teh Chosen One with the Sword of Darkness. Has two forms, hilt to hilt to form a 13 ft. dual-ended sword, and merging their blades to form a very wicked three-bladed sword.
Circle of Destruction: Like arc of destruction, but in a full circle and alot more power. Can destroy dimensions if used at full power. All of Ultimate Chosen One's moves with much greater power.
Warrior of the Cross:
Gained as his Ultimate Evolution form. He is as powerfull as any of the others in this formed. Gained with reckless abandonment in the name of Love, an emotion he had not experianced to it's full extent till that day.
Techs: Holy Light of Judgement: Creates a bubble of Holy energy around him and pushes it out. It can destroy any evil it touches, but any goodness is left unharmed.
Death at the Cross: Turns his sword into an energy spear that thrusts through his oppoenent, then lands behind them and forms a Cross. It then proceeds to crucify his opponent.
Light of the Heavens: Amplifies all ambient light around him to the brightness of Heaven, does no physical harm, outside melting the retinas of anyone who looks at him. Can purge the evil in someone's soul, that or destroy them.
Sword of the Cross: In order to summon this mile high blade Ray needs the aid of Frag, Mac, and Shane. Not even the strongest of Angels can withstand this Godly weapon.

Supream Gaurdian Shane McInnis

The current head Gaurdian. He's the dude in the hollogram. A bit of a perv though, not to mention a chocoholic.
Guardian: Shane has a guardian Ring that can allow him access to moves, and weapons from amny different universes.
Sword of Light: When the guardian rings are combined they form the Sword which embodies the power of love.
MegaJoker: A weaker version of super human. Shane focuses his mischivious side to go super human.
MegaChoco: Shane's love of chocolate is so dusproportionately strong that it quallifies as an emotion capable of making him a superhuman. This form serves no practical purpose.
Mega Pimp: Shane's raging hormones combined with his frustration transform him into a sex crazed superhuman.
Mega Fighter: When shane finally gets his act together and focuses he can form a genuine superhuman.
Dark Fighter: Shane has long been considered the most evil of all guardians. This is best expressed when he corrupts his super human form. This mode is more a threat to both Shane and his allys than his enemy.
Hell Blitzkreig: Even beyond Dark fighter Shane sold his soul for the power to fullfill his dark desires and deliver retribution to his enemy. At this point the Shane known by all is gone and replaced with a darker entity.
Sword of the cross: after Ray becomes Warrior of the Cross Shane lends his power to wield this lofty weapon.


A sort of vigilante now working for the Gaurdians. We met when we were both

just dimensional strandees.
Lucifer's Key: One of the 4 parts of the whole. Lucefer's key is capable of undoing all of creation and as such the duties of guardianship of this relic drives most people insane. Mac's logical personality makes him about the only person capable of carrying this dreaded key.
Normal Mac: Even as a casually dressed unarmed normal human Mac is indeed powerful.
Flight: Mac has harnessed his mind's abillities to let him lift off the ground.
Hikariha: A quick energy bolt.
Hikarisenpo: A big energy hit.
Insane luck: Mac has a way of always getting out of a jam no matter how impossible. ALthough his strange luck is usually what got him there in the first place.
Super Human: By concentrating his emotions Mac evolved into a super human warrior.
Energy: Mac can access all of the moves of his normal form now pumped up to the super human level.
Breath of the Heavens: A huge blast summoning up most of Mac's strength.
Perfect Super Human: Mac focused his slefles determination to evolve beyond even super human to the perfect level of humanity. Nothing has yet tested the limits of this form. Strangely energies that are suposedly stronger than Mac in this state still give way.
Energy punch: Mac has only used one move in this form and so far has been all that is needed.

sword of the cross: With the aid of Ray, Shane, and Frag after Ray has become warrior of the cross Mac helps summon fourth and wield the Mile high blade which even angels fear.


Hogo is a Jurai tree given to Shan to aid him in his training. Hogo and Shane since have become constant companions. Hogo has heavilly been impressed on by shane's personallity.
Tree: He's a jurai tree. You know the drill.
Ship: Hogo is a powerful Jurai ship as well.
Human: In human form Hogo looks and acts a lot like Shane.


Mac's tree. She is polite and quiet. She rarely speaks out of turn.
Tree: A jurai Tree duh
Ship: Mac was glad to find out that his tree was also a ship
Human: YABHJ yet another blue haired Juraian


Ray's tree. She also speaks very little but does have a deep understanding of Ray and his secrets which she would never betray.
Tree: yada yada yada Ship: She is a hybrid technology of both Jurai and DGF tech. Once merged with Roam she is a mighty battle ship.
Human: more blue hair.....

Ash Ketchum

In the world of Pokemon he sought to become the worlds greatest

trainer. Unfortunately those plans were interupted by Mewtwo.

He's not aqctually a renegade. He's actually a deputy gaurdian. He seems to have

a natural Vortex abillity. (Joined in Sword of Darkness Part3)
Deputy Guardian Ash has a Guardian Deputy badge which he uses to an amazing extent.
dimensional Weapons: the dimensional Gund and saber combo can mimic weapons from many different worlds.

Queen Misaki

She's my aunt. She's also the queen of plannet Jurai. She adores all that is cute and never says anyones name without adding the suffix "chan"


The eldest of the Jurai trees. She is also the most powerful tree in the Jurai fleet. As for the picture....It's a long strory.
Human Form: Tsunami often appears as a beutiful young woman
Tree form: When Tsunami is dormant she reverts to the shape of a tree.
Ship Form: Tsunami is also the most powerful battleship known to man. Her raw power rivals the NCC.


I don't wanna talk about it


I really don't wanna talk about it.


She was a Farie posing as the very anoying Navi. Shane after some combat was able to free her from mewtwo's controll.


Mewtwo cloned the original misty and imbued the new misty with a wide assortment of powers. He planned to use her as a gaurdian of the planet once the human race had gone extinct.


He's an angel that since the dawn of time has existed within the 4 parts or the sword of the whole.


Quite simply put Azrael is an angel of death. His laid back attitude certainly makes moving on to the next world a bit easier.

Fudo Ryuo

A teenager who appeared on Jurai with no recollection of the events he had supposedly been through. He appears to be frag at age 15 before he ever set out on his first adventure. He shares a bond with Gomisaki who does recall his past or would it be his future. Fudo is gentle in nature and cares for others. Unlike the original Frag he is aparently a full blooded Juraian.
Jurai power Due to his connection with Gomisaki Fudo can access the mighty power of Jurai. Staff: Fudo uses an ornate wooden staff to channel his Jurai power into attack energy. Jurai Needle: A powerful electric charge conducts through The ground, wall or any other nearby solid object. Jurai Canon: Fudo spins his staff summoning up a disk of energy which then focuses a wide beam.

Darth Frag

Another Frag lookalike whom has appeared in the wake of Frag's dissapearance. He does not recall nor does he care about anything more than being a sith apprentice at one time and a damn good pirate. He's surly and rude. His pressence is a disruption even to the sith and he makes a point to be so. Darth Frag cares about no one but himself.
Guns: Darth Frag carries an assortment of weapons almost identical to the original Frag's
The force: He's a powerful sith. Perhaps too powerful.
lightsaber: He weilds frag's trademark 4 bladed lightsaber.
Shinkukaken?: It is not known whether or not Darth Frag can access the higher powers which were available to the original Frag.

Geordi La Forge

A survivor of the destruction unleashed on star trek alpha. He works with doc brown to restore his homeworld

Doc Brown

One of the greatest genius minds of all time. His accomplishments include devices such as the first time machine, a cheap efficient means of dimensional travel, G.U.N., B.F.G., the dimensional canon, and the dimensional glue gun. These days he tries to undo the damage done by the many dimensional wars. He's not on the best of terms with the DGF because of his constant undermining of their authority.

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