Part 10

End of world
By: Fragraham Lincon

There they stood. One on one. No turning back. No punches pulled. Two men with no past and no future. Darth Frag and Judgement. The strange feeling of empathy which Frag had never felt before told him he wanted to destroy judgement. That monster deserved it for what he did to Trig's homeworld.

Judgement only felt pain and anguish. Something had to stop this intense suffering. And he would burn away ever last so called sinner in existance if it would stop his suffering. and this particular sinner standing in front of him with such a strong pull on his will. This must be the key to ending it all.

If there had been any way out both fighters had missed it. It was time to die now. Frag reached again for his BFG. It was still hot from the last shot but he hoped it had enough for one more round. Darth Frag rushed Judgement knocking him back a few paces and lodging the barrel of the BFG into the dark angel's sternum. He quickly set the BFG to fire again and let it fly launching Judgement into orbit with the ensuing explosion. But it was clear that that was far from enough to do him in. Frag reached at his belt pressing a button. What appeared to be a bubble wrapped around him and he began to lift up into the sky.

Moments later with his own personal atmosphere Darth Frag was in space. Judgement was already making a bee line tward him so he didn't have much time to react. He did the best he could to get out of the way of Judgement's punch but was sent hurtling into the rings of jupiter landing on an icy asteroid.

Judgement met him on this space debris and continued the fight. Darth Frag threw down his coat and all weapons withing and clenched his fists. It was time to use his real power. Dark energies gathered as he accessed the sith energy he had been holding back on. When Judgement launched his next attack in the form of rapid energy balls Frag was ready. He swept around each and every one. The sith energy giving him speed and flight and enough foresight to compensate for what his reflexes could not.

Frag was drawing closer. His body encased in energy and the blasts coming more and more rapidly. The stress as they became harder and harder to dodge. Finally Frag was close enough. His sheer energy melting away the ice below his feetfended off the last of Judgement's blasts before he delivered a good deliberate punch to Judgement's jaw. The dark angel reeled back almost losing his footing.

Judgment regained his balance and took again to space where frag followed him. Punches kicks and energy blasts were exchanged. Even though Judgement had Frag vastly outpowered Frag somehow managed to keep up. More and more Judgement was gaining the upper hand. The odds were quickly turning against Frag. More and more of Judgment's hits were finding their mark. Finally Judgment hits frag with a wild blast dead on. The black clad outlaw went hurltilng.

In mid flight he recovered and again threw his pack at Judgement. Judgement hurled even more energy from his seemingly innexhaustable supply in Frag's direction and again Frag made his best attempts at dodging. It was growing almost monotonous. Each time Judgement threw a wild blast. Each time Frag came close to scoring a decisive blow but was hit at the last second. If it kept up Frag knew he would wear out long before Judgement. But all he needed was Judgement to make one mistake. Already he had Judgment close enought to the impact point of the Glue gun. If he could just hit him one more time. But the Dark angel had no intention of moving an inch.

Another blast struck Frag back. This time though he found himself asphixiated. His atmosphere generator was damaged and his atmosphere going fast. Frag put his arms out and concentrated drawing the last of his air molecules close to him. His force energy now limited even more by keeping himself alive in the vacume of space Frag was in a very dangerous situation.

Judgement now began his own advance. Strike after strike. Frag's energy again diverted. Now not only was he trying to keep his air supply he was trying to keep enough of a shield up to prevent a dissemboweling. There was little left to attack with. But this sith woudl be damned if he was going to go back on his word. Frag slipped a hand between Judgement's attacks and grabbed the angel's face. He concentrated what he could into his palm and triggered a small explosion on judgment's face which sent both warriors hurtling away from each other. Judgement Was first to recover and send another blast in Frag's direction. Frag still flying back uncontrolled was little able to dodge.

This beam was more than enough to end Frag's life with his low energy and there was little he could do. Judgment saw his shot impact and grinned as an explosion removed the Outlaw from sight. However he did not sense Frag's pressence dissapearing. The errant energy waves began to reconverge. on the point they landed. Soon they were in a tight ball and changed color from gold to white. And then he saw. Within a larger atmosphere bubble. Frag and the same boy who was standing with him only moments ago.

With staff twirling Fudo held Judgement's own attack in place for a moment before sending it screaming back in Judgement's direction. The dark angel was engulfed by his own attack. Feathers flew through space as he shook it off and innitiated his counterstrike. Fudo and Frag seperated their bubble into two and launched an assault from both sides.

A swing From Fudo's staff sent Judgment into a punch from Frag. Frag turned his attention to Fudo sending him a message via communicator. "Okay kid thanks for saving me now get your ass out of here" "No I'm helping you. You'll die without my help." Replied Fudo. "You want to die too? Nobody who fights this fight is coming out alive. If you don't get out right now you'll die you hear me!" "I don't care we're two parts of the same whole. We go together. Along with him!" "FUDO DAMMIT....DAMMIT ANSWER ME!" Fudo had already thrown his communicator away and flew at Judgement. Judgement smashed a fist into Fudo's stomach doubling him over. Judgement Grabbed the boy by his collar and pulled him to his face. "Even children are sinners these days aren't they! I'll send you to heaven" he said with his always twisted look on his face. Judgement opened his hand and directed it at Fudo.

Judgement was halted in his attack by a force blast from Darth Frag. Darth Frag took the moment of relief in Judgement's onslaught to grab Fudo and pull him back. Now in the same atomosphere bubble he could speak face to face. He shook Fudo yelling at him. "Stop trying to fight in my battles you stupid kid. You're going to get yourself killed if you keep this up." Fudo pushed off Frag. "No I'm not a kid anymore. I am a warrior. and I am going to FIGHT!" Fudo flew away from Frag and seperated their bubbles again. Fudo called out "GOMISAKI NOW! JURAI MERGE!"

The ship Gomisaki pulled its self around the planet and glowed witha bright light before dissapearing into a beam of white energy which engulfed Fudo. WHen Fudo's form was again fisible he was wearing brilliantly colored robes and what looked like wooden armor. In his hand was a mighty glowing sword.

Fudo launched himself toward Judgement swinging hard with his sword. He laid it into one of Judgement's wings halfway severing it. But no blood spilled from Judgement. Only a goldend light which enshrouded the wing and repaired it. Fudo was astounded but didn't let it distract him. He thrust his sword with all his force even so much to weaken his atmosphere toward judgement. He worked hard against the shield Judgement was enshrouded by. He inched forward but then was pushed back then inched forward again. A battle of not only energy but wills as well.


Frag could only look on as this brave boy was willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. A true warriors spirit. It almost brought a tear to his eye. Frag then heard something. No one was around to speak. The voice was somehow inside and out at once. And it was addressing him. "Hey are you going to let a kid show you up?" It said "What who are you?" Frag replied. "Well I'm you. I'm the original you. And you know that you two should be working together. We're a strong force for good. When you two work together then nothing can stop you. Don't you feel it. Now that our three parts are close by the full power is coming to the surface. Now don't let My dark side seperate us. Reach down inside. You can feel it now can't you." "power. tremendous power. I didn't think that this much could exist." "That's it. Now you know my moves. You're so close now. Just reach down inside you. And give him the biggest attack you've got in you." Darth Frag smiled. "can do."

Fudo continued his assault as Darth Frag began to power up. Not with sith energy but with something new. His true inner fighting energy. He held his hands high as black energy waves gathered together to form a highly compact ball. "SHIN......" The ball began to expand. It grew larger and larger and still very compact. Soon it was larger than Frag. Much larger. "KU......" More and more and more energy. was gathering. Even Judgement was distracted enough to let Fudo gain some ground. "KA......" so much power. Now the ball was the size of the earth's moon and almost ready to go. Now Judgement was so distracted by the enormous energy ball which was so obviously intended for him That Fudo's sword got through his barrier. He went hurtling back. Almost into position. "KEEEEEEEEEEEEENNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Frag let the attack loose. Judgement was consumed by the still unexploded ball. After traveling some distance finally it exploded.

The night sky alighted and Judgement's energy level dissapeared from everyone's senses. Fudo and Frag floated in space. with the tyrant vanquished.


Judgement opened his eyes. His body was battered but still intact. Frag spotted him. He grabbed Judgement and locked onto him. Now they were in position. He called out to Trig via communicator. "DO IT NOW TRIG!!!! FINNISH THIS!"

Trig Looked up. "All I've become. Nothing. That which I was restored. Mabey.....I liked it better this way. But.... .....For the good of everyone. Frag.....You stole my heart. And if it takes a hundred years, a thousand years. Even if my memory is gone. Come back to me. I won't say goodbye." With a tear running down her cheek Trig grabbed the final activation lever and pulled it down. The base went dark as all power redirected to the glue gun. and the beam ripped fourth. Not another beam of destruction but of healing. a world and countless lost lives restored.

Frag held on tight to Judgement and spoke into his ear. "This ends now Judgement. No more Pergatory. Now we're going to Hell." Fudo looked on as the beam approached Frag and Judgement. "Gomisaki seperate." Fudo's armor returned to the shape of Gomisaki the ship and in space before Fudo the girl Gomisaki. "Lore Fudo are you leaving me now?" She asked. "No you hold on to me. You're my link. and I promise I'll come back."

With that Fudo Flew out in front of the beam and took a firm hold to Judgement as well. "FUDO GET AWAY!" Frag demanded. "No we are part of the same spirit. We have to be whole again. Light can't exist without dark and dark can't exist without light." Fudo Replied. "You know we probably wont' survive this" "Yeah I know. But I'd rather die whole than live forever as only half a man." "Fudo.....You're an okay kid."

Judgement ceased his struggle. "Ah.....peace at last. Sleep." The beam impacted. and consumed the three figures. It's brilliant light consumed what remained of this universe.

On trig's home planet. A dull and overcast day she stood at her doorstep looking outside. Calc approached her. "What are you staring outside for?" he asked. Trig turned around showing a melloncholy expression. "I...thought I heard someone call my name."