Part 11

The Fall
By: Fragraham Lincon

A black clad figure floats in the darkness. His eyes open. All around him is infinite darkness. He finds solid ground beneth his feet. THe earth is cold. Chilling him through his boots.

A dim light shone in the distance. He ran toward it. as he drew closer it took on the shape of a human. A winged human at that. Soon he stood before it. A man clad in white robes with pale skin. Upon his face were black markings resembling tears. Atop his head lengthy light brown hair.

A smirk came across the glowing angelic figure's face. "Welcome Fragraham Lincon. I see you've managed to complete yourself. I knew you would come. As always you are drawn to the darkness." he said in a high pitched voice which emenated not only from him but all around. Frag Clenched his fist tightly. "You're the one who orchestrated all of this aren't you." "Yes I am the new God." "Yeah that's what I figured. So what the hell are you?" "Isn't it obvious. I'm an angel. But not just any angel. I am an angel who's name is unknown even to the archangels. My name is Pyrion. Some would call me a fallen angel. Certainly I am no longer a creature of heaven otherwise I wouldn't be in the cold abyss." "So why the hell did you bring me here?"

Pyrion's high voice agian eminated. "You are the key to everything. My perfect pawn. The carrier of the Ultimate force. The outlaw king. The fighting god." Frag was growing impatient. "Yeah that's all me. Now get to the point." "I am the one who controlls you. I have controlled you from birth to this very moment. I knew that the ultimate force was ready to find its self in a new carrier. And I knew that carrier would be you. The embodiment of hope. It only can go to one with an indominable will. And when tempered correctly one who could also transform himself into the fighting god. And this is the power I needed." "My....God power?" said Frag now fearing what Pyrion would have to say next.

"Yes the God power. If it can make a lowly human a God among men. Then what do you suppose it would do to an angel who is naturaly more powerful than a human." Said Pyrion. "You......Is that your plan. Is that how you plan to become the new God?" Frag demanded to know. "Yes that's it exactly. And the Ultimate force was just the tool I needed to copy that power from you to myself. But I could not let you have the full extent of the ultimate force. I had to mask it behind another power. Those lighthawk wings. The Jurai power. So I took you when you were still a child. ANd place dyou on Jurai." "THAT'S A LIE!" "Oh and what else would have driven your good loving father mad? And furthermore wouldn't it push you even closer to the edge if when you finally met your father that you were forced to kill him. I have for ages manipulated the Sword of darkness as well. I sent it to your father. And then to Mewtwo. Every time forging your power stronger and stronger. Ultimately even using Saraphim to make you into a god."

Frag tightened his fist. "You still haven't answered the question. How does the ultimate force tie into this?" Pyrion smirked. "My you are impatient. You see I needed a tie between you and I. And when the time was right I had you killed and I resurected The ultimate force in Judgement. Judgement held your god power as well. And with you out of the way. I bonded myself to the ultimate force. And throught that bond I am at this very moment coming closer and closer to your god power."

Frag threw a punch at pyrion "YOU BASTARD!" Pyrion swatted Frag off and threw him to the cold ground. "WHY PYRION? WHY DO YOU NEED THIS POWER! WHAT REASON DO YOU HAVE" Frag screamed. Pyrions' calmo voice changed to anger. "REVENGE IS WHAT I NEED!. For the betrayal of my people! God created me specificly to defeat Lucifer in the first war and when Lucifer was cast from Heaven So was I. And then I learned why Lucifer rebelled. You humans were to inherit the earth. Even though the angels were first HUMANS would be the ones to have God's creation.

Frag grinned. "So all this time. You're just ripping off Lucifer's idea. That's why your here isn't it. God knew better than to put the two of you together. So he sealed you here in the Abyss." Pyrion calmed down. "Yes that's right. I too rebelled. But was slealed here in the dredded cold place." Pyrion waved an arm and the scenery was lit. An overcast sky hung over an endless frozen wasteland. And standing behind Pyrion was another. "You have of course met my son Nyphale. Half angel and Half human. Or at least he was."


Nyphale walked into a better view. His flesh missing in places was replaced by metal. "I am much stronger now. I'll have to thank you for removing my weak human side. Now it is angel and steel. I'll take great pleasure in ripping you apart." Said Nyphale as he stepped in front of Frag and knocked him back down to the ground with a punch from his metallic hand.

Frag stood back up and cocked his neck to the side. "It's been a little while. I think I've done some real growing up thanks to you Nyphale. Now let me show you how my spirit has matured. TRANSFORM!!!!" Said frag as he engulfed himself in energy and emerged in the purple and black armor of Megalo Frag.

"MEGALO KNUCKLE!" Frag Yelled as he launched himself with an energy punch at Nyphale sending the half angel hurtling back and into an ice wall. Nyphale was quick to recover and leap back at Frag with a flying kick. Frag ducked under and tried an uppercut which Nyphale dodged by twisting to the side and sent himself into a spin trying to bring his razor wing into play.

Nyphale's wing quickly closed in on Frag. Frag this time however made a quick backflip to evade. Nyphale stiffened his wing and pointed it to Frag sending several sharp feather shaped projectiles. Frag did his best to evade but was cut by a few. Nyphale took advantage of the momentary weakness send out an energy blast.

Frag noticed the incoming attack and countered "MEGALO BEAM CANON!" he yelled as his own beam pierced through Nyphale's scattering it and continuing through to strike Nyphale down again.

Nyphale shook his head and lept into the air. He halted for a moment and strained his muscles. Another wing, this one mechanical, emerged From his back. Nyphale spread both wings then spun himself rapidly and dove down at Frag.

Frag lept out of the way as Nyphale burrowed into the Ice. A moment later Nyphale Came up beneth Frag sending him into the air uncontrolled. Nyphale Charged another shot and blasted Frag in mid flight. Before the blast from the first even cleared Nyphale charged and fired another shot then another and another letting the explosion grow and grow with his enemy in the center. Finaly he halted before firing one last large shot into the mix.

Nyphale lept un into the blinding light of his own attacks and siezed Frag who was surprizingly still intact. Nyphale Brought Both himself and Frag flying down headfirst releasing Frag just before Impact letting him crash headlong into the hard, cold ice floor.

Nyphale charged down toward Frag with a flying punch. Frag got his bearings and rolled out of the way letting Nyphale's punch tear up the ice beneth. The ice was now begining to move. The fighting having destabalized it.

Frag lept into the air trying to get an attack started but lost sight of Nyphale when a column of ice sprung up in front of him blocking his shot. The ice column cracked and slid down diagonally revealing Nyphale with his machine wing outstretched.

Frag Threw a pair of Shadow bomb attacks at Nyphale. Nyphale flew streight up evading them and then dove behind Frag. Nyphale raised a fist preparing to strike Frag in the back but before he could Frag made a vauge signal with his hands. As if responding to this the two previously fired shadow bombs turned about face and flew back behind Frag blasting Nyphale away.

Frag turned around to face Nyphale. He had a good charge now. His body was remembering battle and he was nearing his peak power. Frag's power level began to skyrocket as a column of energy engulfed him. Nyphale tried to halt this by hurling several energy balls but found them deflected by the rapidly rising energy around Frag.

Frag's energy level was now sufficient. he put both hands together and raised them above his head. "W BOMBARDMENT!" He yelled sending out a huge beam of energy. Nyphale remembering this attack from before sped to get out of the way. He found the energy beam following him.

Nyphale made a bee line For Frag knowing he wouldn't dare turn such an attack on himself. Nyphale circled Behind Frag and stood arogantly in front of him. Frag did not acknowledge but instead maintained his concentration. The Beam of W Bombardment had stopped and formed into a ball. He then raised his fist as the ball diverged and absorbed into his arm.

Frag encased his fist in the W bombardment energy and launched a flying punch at Nyphale yelling. "ULTIMATE MEGALO STRIKE!!!"

Nyphale shot back and then turned back to Frag who was still approaching. all over Nyphale's body tiny panels opened revealing small rocket boosters. Simultaniously Nyphale fired these off sending himself forward in a mimmicking attack.

Both fists met and halted for a moment. A moment like in so many of frag's battles which seemed like eternity. Nyphale's power was at full and he was coming with great force at Frag. Frag too was giving it his all but seemed stalemated. Finally the stalemate broke.

Nyphale's mechanical arm cracked and shattered as Frag's fist tore through it. and then smashed in the plating of Nyphale's chest. Frag tore a hole clear to the other side of Nyphale's chest.

Nyphale's chest had a gaping hole in it now with wires hanging where a heart should be. He fell from the air and landed at Pyrion's feet.


Nyphale raised his other hand to Pyrion. "F....Father.... me." He begged. Pyrion looked down to Nyphale with dissapointment. "Your human side is showing. And there is no place for humans such as yourself in my world." Nyphale looked back in shock. "Father. You said you only wanted to rule the humans." "A necessary lie. I had to know if you were human or angel. Now I know that you are all too human. And you are no longer my son!" Pyrion said with anger. Nyphale snarled back. "If this is what an angel is. Then I would rather Die as a human than live forever as what you have become." "THEN SO IT SHALL BE!"

Pyrion opened his hand and sent down an energy blast on Nyphale removing the half angel from existance.

Frag stood in shock at what had transpired in Front of him. "Pyrion. Now I know how you could so easilly destroy the lives of so many. Even your own son. That's why God didn't see you worthy as ruler of the earth. You have tremendous power. But no heart. You killed a part of yourself Pyrion. And it was the best part." Pyrion's face now showed pure rage. "THE BEST PART OF ME IS ALREADY DEAD! IT DIED EONS AGO WHEN I WAS BETRAYED BY THE ONLY THING I EVER LOVED! MY OWN GOD!"