Part 12

A new adventure
By: Fragraham Lincon

Before this gets started I'd like to say this is the last you'll ever see of the character Fragraham Lincon. This is the final chapter in the Pioneer series. So say your goodbye and move on to a new adventure.

Darkness enveloped. Frag stood in the frozen abyss before Pyrion. Both fighters ready to kill each other. But Frag still had questions. "Pyrion there's a hole in your plan. I know it's all lies. You're just trying to confuse me. I know my mother lives on Jurai." Frag said defying Pyrion's words.

"Is that what you think? No that's not it. Tell me then why were you raised in the palace. Do you remember your mother's face? Even one time she tucked you into bed? Do you remember it?" Said Pyrion. "I.....never...Misaki acted as a mother for me. ANd I always just knew my mother was......But I know she's real it's a fact I grew up with." Frag's voice was losing it's confidence. "Yes that's it. You thought you knew because I implanted a false memory in you. And you aren't even Juraian either. I made sure you were bonded with Gomisaki as a baby so your blood would be so saturated with Jurap power that not even Tsunami would guess your true origin. I masked your DNA as well. I implanted memories of you over the entire planet. But all are lies." "NO! I WON'T BELIEVE IT!" "All your life you were just my pawn. All you ever will be is a pawn. It's hopeless to grasp at any sort of freedom. And now you know how I felt.

Frag tightened his fist. If he weren't in his Super human strength he would probably be bleeding by the sheer force of his fingers digging in his palm. "Pyrion. I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!!!" "I don't need you anymore. Soon I will usurp heaven its self. And place myself as the new God. You may die now."


Pyrion pointed a hand at Frag and let loose an energy wave blowing him to the ground. Frag stood back up and charged up his power. The ice further destabalized around him and shook violently. Towers of ice rushed from the ground and collapsed back again only to be shot into the dark sky once again. Pyrion only stood and watched the massive upserge of energy. "NOW PYRION DIE!!!! W BOMBARDMENT!" Frag let off all his energy in a highly compressed beam right at Pyrion who didn't bother to move.

Pyrion dissaperead in the gysers of ice and steam let loose by the impact. When everything settled down again there was a gaping hole in the ground and hovering above it unscratched was Pyrion. "Pitiful. And to think I had any use for you."

Pyrion made a sign with his hands drawing out a five pint star in the air and encircling it. Frag noticed the same sign was forming benethe him but before he could move the sign was completed and from it rose a tower of dark energy. Frag was sent skyward by the force. Pyrion signed the same symbol again this time forming the same shape above Frag who was still in mid air. Another column of energy consumed Frag sending him smashing back into the icy ground below.

Frag pulled his hands beneth him and tried to crawl back to his feet. But before he could get a goot footing Pyrion gestured again this time with a triangle shape which formed in front of him and let loos three smaller blasts which tore apart Frag's armor and flesh sending him back to the ice. Frag continued to attempt to regain his footing even with his life force slipping away

Frag managed to muster a tiny shadow bomb. He threw it at Pyrion with the usual result of an explosion much larger than the bomb its self and no aparent damage to Pyrion. Frag's arms and legs gave way and his face planted in the ice.

It was over. Frag was defeted by a far stronger oponent. The cold of the ice sucked the heat from Frag's body. It was getting cold. Frag thought to himself "this is how I die. Alone in this darkness. And I have failed to save the world. I couldn't even return to Gomisaki. I.....g....Gomisaki....Even....if I'm not Juraian. Gomisaki is still bonded to me. And she is still my friend. And my friends.... ....that part of my life I know is true. Even....if my past is a lie my present is my true reality. And I can' I won't let him take that away. I WON'T LET EVEN THE NEW GOD TAKE THAT AWAY!"

Frag rose up off of the ground. Pyrion laughed at his pitiful shape. "You're getting up? How noble you're already a fighting corpse but you won't give up. I'll just have to completely obliterate you won't I."

PYrion began to sign another attack but stopped sensing a dramatic rise in Frag's energy. "What? I know that power! But how can you be doing it now! I didn't plan this!" Frag's body was engulfed in a white light and vanished.

A moment later a bright light shone down. The light emenating From the new armor. The one golden wing extended from Frag's arm. He had achieved his God power. He had become OMNIFRAG.


Omnifrag held his one hand out toward pyrion and spoke in his mighty voice. "ABSOLUTE ZERO!" a block of ice formed for a mile in beyond that point and encased Pyrion.

Barely a moment of silence was there before Pyrion's Frozen prison split open in a spray of ice chunks and steam. What walked through the steam was an abomination. What could only be described as an OmniFrag From hell. It's face was masked. It's left arm being a large claw and the right having a strange tentacle extending from it. On it's back was one batlike wing.

This creature whatever it was spoke but with Pyrion's voice. "Ah just as I thought. The harder you fight me the faster I evolve. You've only hastened your demise. Now let the battle of the Gods begine!"

Omnifrag and Pyrion rushed head on. Omnifrag held out his fist and encased it in energy calling out "GRAND KAIZER!" Pyrion did likewise. with his larger fist. "BURNING RAIDER!" He called out Both fists Met. At the point where they met the ice benethe quickly evaporated sending more and more tremors through the ground. The once permanantly frozen ice was becoming a slush riddled with icebergs.

Both combatants realizing that their attacks weree of little use forcing against each other directly flew back and prepared another. Omnifrag threw out a large white ball of energy calling out "FINAL HOLOCOST" Pyrion countered throwing his own simillar attack. "FINAL ARMAGEDON!"

The two balls of energy met in the center resulting in a tremendous explosion and a blinding flash of light. OmniFrag flew through trying to find Pyrion. He found Pyrion's fist on the back of his head. Pyrion swatted Omnifrag into the ice below only to have another Final Hollocost hurled up in his direction. He dodged once and noticed it turning back again This time he grabbed it with his large hand and hurled it back into Omnifrag. "YOU FOOL! You can't overpower me. Even a god has a finite limit. My power however is still growing. You can't possible overpower me!"

Darth Frag threw another and another Final Holocost. Pyrion directed his attention to swatting them down with his tentacle whip. Omnifrag had the distraction he needed. He manuvered the energy ring on his back to his front. he dove through it dissapearing with only a streak of energy emerging.

Omnifrag began to expand himself over the universe. Taking up a space niether hear nor there. soon the Omniverse could feel his pressence. A moment in time everyone could feel this warriror. Omnifrag finally returned his pressence to the abyss and compacted himself down in front of Pyrion down into an infinitely dense point. And from the darkened sky rang his words. "ALL HEAVEN!"

The compressed self of Omnifrag exploded in Pyrion's face. The blast consumed Pyrion completely. Soon it's light filled the darkness of the abyss. Finally Omnifrag Re emerged through his energy ring and it floated back to it's rightful place.

Pyrion was nowhere to be seen. The clouds above still were swirling. The ice mostly was melted except for a few large ice bergs. Now the rain was pouring down. Lightning and thunder could be seen and heard. The battle of the gods was over. But how to get out of here?

But before Omnifrag could devise anything a spyre shot from the cold waters. Pyrion emerged. Badly damaged but still alive. He charged up and prepared to attack. "ETERNAL DAMNATION!" Pyrion began to exocute the counter version of Omnifrag's last attack but before he had a chance Omnifrag was already attacking. "SWORD OF SMITING!" He yelled as his wing arm lost it's form and became a blade of light consuming Pyrion again. Pyrion was carried back into the water as ice bergs were sucked on top of him and split open by the blade. Gysers of steam and ice bits shot into the sky.

Pyrion's life force vanished from Omnifrag's senses. From the spires of ice flew out Pyrion's larger hand severed from the rest of his body. It landed on the ice berg Omnifrag had taken foot on. It twitched for a moment and then went limp before dissolving into a purple goo. Omnifrag looked down at the disgusting spectacle. "Say farewell to arms Pyrion."


only a moment later more ice was disturbed. From the frozen waters shot a column of shadow. Something horendous was emerging. Pyrion's voice rang fron the skies. "AH HA HA HA HA HA! You stupid creature. Don't you realize that by removing the bonds of my physical body. YOU'VE ONLY COMPLETED MY EVOLUTION! NOW STAND BEFORE THE MIGHT OF THE NEW GOD!"

The creature continued to emerge. It was hard to tell wich of the screaming faces on this column of darkness was the real one. Finally a larger almost dragon like head emerged. Six eyes gazed down on Omnifrag. This head at the top of the darkness opened its mouth and a black ball of energy materialized within it. It spat out a beam of darkness which engulfed Omnifrag and the ice berg on which he was standing and several miles of abyss beyond.

"AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA! His usefullness is at an end. Now to break free of this prison and charge into the world of man." Said Pyrion as he looked over to a space and there a white portal materialized.

Pyrion moved toward the light preparing to bring his darkness into the world of man. However a blue streak intercepted him. An orb of blue light was hovering in front of Pyrion blocking his path. "WHAT IS THIS? One of God's angels? No it couldn't be. WHat is it?" Pyrion spat another beam at it. A black blast engulfed the tiny blue orb. And when it cleared it revealed a new Frag.


He was encased in blue armor. It looked as though it was forged of energy its self. His hair now it's normal plain brown fell loose hanging to his waist. "WHAT IS THIS! YOU'RE DEAD!" Pyrion screamed. "You signed your own death warrent Pyrion. This is the true shape of the Ultimate force. As you are linked with me so I am to you. SO when you lost your physical restraints so did I. Namely the disguise placed on the ultimate force." "NO! HOW! HOW COULD I HAVE MADE THAT MISTAKE!" "NOW I WILL SHOW YOU THE ULTIMATE POWER!" "HA! EVEN WITH THE FULL POWER OF THE ULTIMATE FORCE IT'S ONLY ONE QUARDER OF SARAPHIM'S POWER. EVEN IF YOU HAD HIS FULL STRENGTH YOU COULDN'T DEFETE ME!"

Frag spoke again. "No Pyrion. The ultimate force is far more than that. SInce the first rays of light shone on creation it has been far more. It is the power of hope! The power that can overcome all others. The power that overcomes even gods!" "NOOO! DIE!" Screamed Pyrion firing another blast off at Frag to no avial. Frag gestured with his hands signing a triangle then encirled it. Around Pyrion the same symbol formed. "SEAL DARKNESS!" Frag yelled.

Pyrion was being pulled into the symobol and back into the abyss. "NOW PYRION I WILL SEAL YOUR GREAT POWER! FOREVER LOCKED IN THE DARKNESS OF THE ABYSS!"

As Pyrion was being pulled away Frag flew off into the light and began his journey back to reality. A bright light was all around as he flew free. However a black tentacle reached into the light and grabbed his ankle and began pulling him back.

Pyrion's manaicle cackle resounded. "IF I go I won't be alone! We are still bonded!"

Frag turned about to face Pyrion. "NO PYRION NO MORE! ONLY YOU WILL BE BONDED! YOU WANT THE ULTIMATE POWER SO BADLY. THEN TAKE IT!" Frag's armor glowed and opened up. From it shot a beam of purest white into Pyrion. "TAKE MY PAIN! TAKE MY TEARS! TAKE THE CHAINS WHICH BIND ME! TAKE IT ALL PYRION! I DON'T NEED IT ANYMORE!"

Frag released the ultimate form of the ultimate force from his body. It absorbed into pyrion and his dark form dissapated and with it his ultimate power. The dark form of Pyrion was pushed back into the abyss and the gate sealed as Frag drifted back in the shape of Omnifrag toward reality once more.


Omnifrag flew toward the end of the tunel. But beside him a shining winged figure. It was Pyrion. He grinned at Omnifrag. And both stopped in mid flight. "You sealed my ultimate power. But when you dissipated it with the ultimate force you released me from the seal of the abyss as well. And I still have the power of an angel. More than enough to turn your world to ashes. And still stronger than you. NOW DIE!" Pyrion shot a beam at Omnifrag. It pierced his armor shattering it.

Omnifrag remained standing. His armor fell away to reveal white robes. All he said was "The lie is dispelled." He could feel it. His God power was perfect now. All of pyrion's lies had clouded his mind. Now everything. the entirity of existance was in his comprehension and his power under perfect controll. He had become GodOmniFrag.

Pyrion drew out a flaming sword and spread out his wings for one final showdown. GodOmniFrag placed his right hand over his wing arm and transformed it into a human hand holding a mighty blazing sword. "GODSWORD!" He said as he changed his grip.

Both held their swords. An angel and a god. Pyrion's sword held pointing down and GodOmniFrag's in both hands pointing to the heavens. The tension broke and both flew in. The swung. GodOmniFrag's Godsword shattered Pyrion's burning sword and carried through cutting Pyrion horizontally in two parts but leaving him standing.

Pyrion gasped in disbelief. "How can you have done this? HOW COULD GOD HAVE MADE YOUR KIND GREATER THAN US? WHY? WE WER FIRST! WE WERE FIRST! WE WERE FIRST!" Pyrion said as he charged one last shot aimed for GodOmniFrag's heart.

GodOmniFrag brought his sword up over Pyrion's head. and held it hight in both hands screaming out. "THE NIGHTMARE IS OVER PYRION! DIE!" And with that he brought the mighty Godsword crashing down halving the already halved Pyrion. Bright light in the shape of a cross shot fourth from Pyrion's body as he began to turn to dust. The light consumed Pyrion completely.

Finally the fallen angel, the untold evil, the secret weapon, the great and mighty Pyrion was dead.

Godomnifrag flew off to the end of the tunnel and vanished into the light.


Frag awoke. The soft grass beneth him. Sunlight filtered through treetops of an ancient forest. He could hear a stream trickle nearby. He stood up and saw Gomisaki before him.

"I was looking for you for weeks. I saw everything but....what happened to the ultimate force?" she asked. Frag looked to the sky. "I had full controll over it. For once I controlled it and was not controlled BY it. But I realized at the same time. I had no right to wield such awsome power. So i returned it to its rightful place. It's one with the universe now. Where it belongs. The power of hope." "and what of Pyrion?" I don't know. Since I dispersed his power. Mabey he'll be judged as a human this time. I wish him the best. While he may have done all those terrible things he also did the world a great service long in the past. I'm sure he'll find his peace with God now." "And you?"

Frag looked down at himself. He had returned to his human shape. He could probably call on the power of GodOmniFrag any time he pleased now but this form was far more to his taste. "Who needs all that power anyway." he thought to himself. Finally he replied to Gomisaki. "I' Come on Gomisaki. Let's go."

"Go? Go where?" Gomisaki asked. Frag answered. "It's somehing I need to do. I'm going on another adventure."

Frag took off his sunglasses and as he turned to walk away he tossed them away into the stream nearby. Frag walked through the treeline dissapearing into the light.