Part 2

Dark resurection
By: Fragraham Lincon

A satelite orbits around a grey planet. A light shines from it. Clinging to its side is a shivering figure. The figure of a man. From his back stood two shining white wings and covering his body was what seemed like golden armor. Only it was two tight to be armor. And it moved as though it was his skin. Atop this strange manlike creature's head was spikey silver hair. On his face an expression of confusion and shock. Niether the cold of space nor the lack of air seemed to bother him.

He turned his head and gazed at the planet below him and began to hear something in his mind. "Help me. help me. help me." screams echoed in his mind as he put his hands over his ears and released his grip from his satelite pirch.

As he drifted toward the planet the screams became louder and louder. The Heat of atmosphear entry didn't disturb him. As he drew closer and closer to the surface it became clear what he was hearing. It was the cry of the people whom had suffered a history of war.

Beyond the screams of humans he began hearing animals cry. And then something else. Could it be the pleas of the plants. and over it all was a new sound. The scream torturing this man was the cry of the dying planet infested with humanity.

He struck the planet's surface and lost conciousness.


Later he awakened in a white room. He was tucked into a comfortable bed. A young woman with long chestnut hair and sparkling green eyes walked into the room carrying a tray of food. "Oh good you're awake. Can you talk?" she then repeated this in a few languages. The strange winged man choked a few times before putting a sentance together. "I...I can talk." "Oh good then I'll fill you in on where you are. You're at my house. I saw something fall from the sky and you were in the place it landed. Since you were there I assumed it was a space craft. Funny though I've never seen a race like you. Can you tell me where your home planet is?" Said the woman with a smile. The man sat up. He was still in his gold skinlike armor. " not know where I come from." "Oh a traveler. I remember meeting someone like you. Well can you at least give me your name?" inquired the young woman. "" "That's a strange name. In fact it's almost as strange as Fragraham Lincon. Now that was a strange name. Oh but I'm getting ahead of myself. My name is Trig." The name rang a bell with Judgement. He didn't know from where but it sounded familliar.

A man slightly older than trig entered the room. "So how is our visitor?" He asked. Trig introduced him. "Oh this is my fiance Calc." Judgement didn't know why but he felt some sort of resentment to that name. "Calc our guest's name is Judgement." Strange conflicting feelings were already welling up in Judgement. He couldn't understand why trig's presence was making him feel happy and Calc's made him so bitter. He thought that perhaps he should be thinking of more important things but for a man with no memories to think about sometimes a emotions are all one can work with.


Elsewhere. In an infinite darkness. A lone spirit floated toward a white light. "At last. Peace. Thank you nyphale." He reached for the light but the light slipped away and the darkness dissapeared. Instead he found himself in a mortal shape again although it clearly wasn't an actual body he was in. And around him was a house. Outside a beach with the tide coming in. And before him stood another winged man dressed in a black leather from head to toe. He had a seat on a nearby sofa. "So it's the mighty Frag back again." Said the winged man. The man identified as Frag looked confused. "What the fuck? Where's the bright light and the deceased friends? I'm supposed to be dead. If this is some idea of heaven I'm gonna kick somebodies ass." "Relax and have a seat frag" Said the winged man again. Frag with aparently nothing better to do sat down on a recliner nearby. The winged man leaned forward and began to speak. "I'm Azrael angel of death. I brought you here because quite frankly. Someone up there has royally fucked up." "You don't say" Frag responded sarcasticly. "I don't just mean with you. The whole cosmic mojo has gone wacky. Something's weakening the bounderies between universes and it aint gonna be pretty if the vortex gets any screwier." "Care to be more specific wingboy." "Well at first we figured it was just lucifer up to his old tricks again but this is a lot nastier than anything he's ever pulled. I mean it's just not his style. The big difference was right after you died. For one thing some extra matter and energy came out of nowhere and you know how god is so anal about making sure the sum of mass and energy in existance stays the same." "So you have a universal housecleaning booboo why should I care." "Do you know what happens if the laws of physics change even slightly? It means the end of it all. And you should care because it's all because of you." "WHAT?" "Look when you died the ultimate force had no place to go. Normally it should have been passed on to the next destined carrier but instead its dropped off the face of the astral plane all together. And in case you didn't guess that is bad. If the ultimate force isnt' around then some other force is going to show up to fill its place. You know we figured lucifer had sent along another antichrist and we'd just send out a couple of archangels to kick his ass but this is something more complex. It might even be the untold evil. Oops." "oops?" "Look there are other sources of evil other than satan okay but you didn't here that from me. Long story short is that since all this is going wrong it means you didn't die by the normal order of things but were take out by an outside force. In other words you weren't supposed to die so the higher ups think that mabye if I put you back that you'll set things streigh, the ultimate force will return and you'll go kick some allmightly evil ass." "DAMMIT Azrael haven't you figured it out yet that I don't want to go back." "Too bad but the universe needs an asshole like you for some reason. Oh and by the way you aren't going to remember this conversation. In fact because all the dimensional hoodoo isn't working right I'm not even sure how well I can put you back together so don't go complaining if you don't remember everything that happened up to your death. Now get outta here ya freeloader. I got a muse coming over later and I don't want a third wheel hanging around."

With that Azrael snapped his fingers and Frag vanished from sight.


ON planet Jurai. A young man wakes up. His long brown hair falls in his face. As he brushes His hair out of his face he looks down to see he's dressed in white robes. A blue haired woman runs to him and hugs him. "OH Fudochan you came back! Where have you been for the last twenty years." The boy identified as Fudo pulls himself free of the blue haired lady's grip. "Huh? What are you talking about aunt misaki?" "Awww don't tell me with all those fights you got in you got in you got hit in the head too hard. You were passed out in the main hall." "Huh? Well I don't know why I was there but what's this twenty years thing. I mean I'm not even twenty years old yet for another five years." "OH?.....well...." Another lady walked into the room. Her long black hair and single dot on her forehead identified her as queen Funaho. "Oh, aunt Funaho. Can you clear this up? I think Aunt Misaki is trying to play a prank on me." Funaho sat down in a chair. "Sister could you let me speak to Fudo alone please." Misaki leaves the room. "It's true what the servants said. You're smaller than you used to be. Not as gruff as you looked the last time you were home. So what's this about you not remembering anything?" "What's to remember? And what's this Aunt Misaki said about getting in fights all the time? I've never even been in a fight in my life outside of my training." "Oh I see. Wait...." Funaho reaches into a drawar narby and pulls out one of Misaki's phot albums." She digs up a picture of Fudo from long ago. " you.. Fudo this picture of you was taken when you were fifteen. It's exactly the same as now. Right down to your clothes." "Well yes it was taken yesterday during the summer startica festival." Fudo responds. "No look closer. Don't you see this picture is too old to be so recent. And look here's a picture of you a year from now. and when you came back with your friends and asked for the help of the Jurai fleet." "W...what? These pictures....they're fakes. You and aunt misaki are playing a trick on me." "No it's been twenty years since we've even seen you. In fact I would think you were the imposter if I couldn't see the markings on your face. Things have changed on Jurai even. One of your uncles died since you left and you're in line for lordship of his territory." "B....but....." "But remember Fudo no matter what happened to you remember that you are always welcome here on Jurai." "Aunt Funaho. I want to arrange to see Tsunami. I need to know why everyone says it's later in time than it already is." "Well certainly. Go right ahead"


Funaho gets up and escorts Fudo down the long halls of the Jurai pallace to Tsunami's chamber.

Fudo aproaches the tree Tsunami. He places his hand on it and Tsunami responds. Before Fod meterializes the shape of Tsunami's human form. As always she appeard as a beutiful young woman. While for Fudo this was the first time he'd seen her Tsunami already remembered him from many times before.

"Fudo Ryuo." "Yes Tsunami. I need your help." "I've heard your thoughts already." "Well do you have any anwers?" "It is indeed over twenty five years since the time you believe it is." " is that possible. Have I traveled through time?" "No you don't have any signitures of time travel around you. However something is strange about your energy. I don't sense your earthling side." "What?" "Your energy feels like you are of pure Juraian birth." "But my father" "Your father was a space pirate of non Jurai birth. So it's impossible for your signiture to appear as it is. But you still even have the feel of Gomisaki about you. So you must be Fudo. Gomisaki why would she be reading so strong. She hasn't even matured yet." "But you forget. It's been a long time. She showed up here a few days ago. She was crying her eyes out saying that you had died. However I knew that it would be impossible. She was so distrought that she didn't even realize that she wouldn't be alive if you too died." "Gomisaki...."


The blue haired human form of Gomisaki placed her hand on Fudo's shoulder. "Master look so different but I can tell it's you. I would know you no matter what shape you took." Fudo Turned around and nearly jumped off the ground with surprize. Two eternally bonded spirits stared at each other. " that what you look like all grown up?" "Yes I showed you my human shape on one of our adventures. don't remember do you. But it's so wonderful to see that you're alive again. I said it before that not even death its self could defeat you." Fudo's deep blue eyes widened. He was trying to hold his emotions back. It wasn't proper for a Jurai lord to be overly emotional. But the confusion and the turmoil was tearing him apart. "I.....I.... I.....I don't...I don't don't don't know what to....." Fudo couldn't even finnish his sentace and fell to his knees and hid his face in the sleeves of his elaborate robes. Gomisaki knelt down beside him and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Lord Fudo please don't be sad."

Tsunami looked on and smiled. "You two look just like siblings now."


Across the vortex. In the endless void of space the imposing triangular shape of a star destroyer class ship pierced the darkness. On board this ship was a stadium like structre. Weapons in easy reach. It was a training ground for the Sith. Standing there was a sunglass wearing man with long black hair tied into a ponytail and clad in red and black. "BRING IT ON! Darth Frag doesn't back down." He yelled waving his four sith red bladed lightsaber. Darth Sidius looked on as his one time desciple had defeated sith after sith. While he knew this sith was far more twisted than the one he knew he also knew that he carried the weapon which no other person could wield. It had to be him. A youthfull looking sith with spikey purple hair and clad in spikes and black leather with a deffinate look of fear on his face stood behind Sidius. "Don't look at me I'm not fighting him again. He was bad enough twenty years ago." Sidius continued to look at the surly warrior standing in the ring. "Darth Maximus In this case your cowardice doesn't surprize me. I cut off his training because I feared he may become stronger than me. I bargained with him to help him express his light side and possibly prevent his sith power from becoming any stronger. And yet he just grows in strength. But why did he come back here. Why. Does he want to rub my nose in it?"

Darth Frag Yelled to Sidius. "Is that all you have old man. I'm not sitting back for any more of your tricks. I want information NOW!"

"Now what information do you suppose he means?" "I heard that old man. You know good and well what I mean. Where the hell is my ship. And all my loot. I don't know how you managed to capture me and bring me here but it was a bad idea." Sidius now thuroughly confused floats down to where Frag is standing. "What are you talking about? Why would I steal your loot? And last I heard you weren't a pirate anymore." "DON'T GIVE ME THAT!" "Look I don't have any of your stuff and by the way you broke onto my ship I didn't bring you here." "Don't make me kick your ass old man." "WILL YOU STOP THAT! I don't have anything that belongs to you. Just take a transport ship and get out of my universe. You can have some supplies to compensate you just LEAVE!" "Old man you had better be telling the truth. Otherwise I'll be coming back." Frag placed a finger on Sidius's head and transmited to his mind an image of exactly what he intended to do to whomever took his property.

"I...I think I'm going to be sick." Sidius replied looking rather ill already. "Yeah so don't get in my way." Darth Frag said as he headed toward the hangar. Maximus turned to Sidius. "Are you sure that was the same guy? I know he was bad before but he wasn't that much of asshole." "To be honest I'm not even sure." Said Sidius as he reached for a mop and bucket and handed it to Maximus. "Now clean up this mess."

-----------------------end of part 2-------------------------------------