Winter Chapter 3

over the edge

By: Fragraham Lincon


Calc approached Trig from behind. She was standing outside the door to the room where her gues Judgement had been staying. "How's our guest?" Calc asked. "He asked for a book. A bible to be exact. I think I hear him...I can't tell if he's lauging or crying. I feel concearned for him for some reason but I have to respect his privacy."

Trig turns and walks away downt the hall. Calc waits for her to leave. He then enters Judgement's room. "uhm Judgement. Are you alright?" He asks. Judgement is on his knees with his back turned to the door. "Ha ha ha ha ha! I understand now."


Judgement stands up and points a finger at Calc. From his finger fires a beam of energy which carries through Calc's heart. Judgement walks over to the dying Calc around whom a pool of blood is already gathering. "I have been born to purivy the world. I WILL BURN BURN BURN THIS AND EVERY OTHER WORLD UNTIL ALL SIN HAS BEEN PURGED!"

Trig runs into the room. "CALC! Judgment what happened here?" Judgement grins wickedly. "Oh? Did I do that? AH HA HA HA HA! He must have been a sinner then." "What...What are you talking about?" Trig says with a crackle of fear in her voice. "T...trig stay back." Calc says coughing through the blood in his mouth. "Oh sinners do hang on to life so fiercely for they know what is to come in the next world. DIE!" Judgement fires another beam into Calc silencing him. Trig looks back to Judgement with tears welling in her eyes. "Why...." Judgement points his finger at Trig. He fires another beam. Trig screams as the beam passes through her. But she finds it did no harm. "Why....why did I pull back at the last moment?" Judgement stutters. He tries again to fire but can't will himself to do it. "WOMAN I DON'T KNOW WHAT EVIL POWER YOU HAVE OVER ME BUT YOU WON'T STOP MY DESTINY! BURN WORLD BURN!" Judgement screams as he spreads his wings and flies out through the roof.

Judgement looks out over the city filled with humanity. "AH HA HA HA HA! Sinners like their own kind! They're so easy to kill when they gather together like this. BURN HUMANITY BURN!" Judgement's blood curdling scream carries into the city along with his energy bolts which quickly reduce structures and people alike to cindars. Judgment looks up and proceeds to fly into space. He looks down to the planet below. He charges a larger energy ball in his hand. He can again hear the cries of the planet. "CRY NO MORE PLANET YOUR SALVATION IS AT HAND! AH HA HA HA HA HA!" Judgment hurls the bolt down to the planet. For a moment all is silence in judgement's mind matching the silence of space. Then a massive scream from every living thing on the planet and then all was silence again as the planet dissapeared into an astronomical explosion.


Elswhere Darth Frag abourd his silent ship broke the silence with a loud scream. When his echo cleared he was holding his head in pain. "w....WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!" Frag regained his composure and stepped over to the controll console. He hit a few buttons and the ship entered into a vortex portal. "I have a feeling about this. I don't know why but I better investigate. Otherwise it could be annoying." Frag looked out the window as the purple swirl of vortex sped by. "They say that's what it feels like when a planet blows up. But the old man doesn't have the death star set up right now. What else could do something like that?"


"AAAAAHH!" Fudo screamed. He looked at his surroundings. Books were scattered about. He realized he must have fallen asleep reading. "All of these books. Not one has any explaination. But...what was that? Mabey if I go there. Gomisaki." Gomisaki approached Fudo. "yes master fudo?" she asked "Gomisaki can you travel between dimensions?" "Yes Lord Fudo whe have done so many times before." "Then I have a course I want you to set. We're leaving Jurai." "Are you sure lord Fudo? It's very dangerous out there." "Yes I know but I have to have answers. and they aren't to be found here. So are you ready?"

Gomisaki smiled. she knew what this meant. Another adventure with Fudo. The kind she lived for. "Yes Master Fudo!"


That night Gomisaki had already changed to her ship form and was waiting outside the palace for Fudo's arival. Fudo was on his way out of the palace. On his way though he is intercepted by Queen Funaho.

"Aunt Funaho!" "You're leaving aren't you?" "I have to go. I want to find out what's happened." "You know you could remain here on Jurai. Forget about all that. Have a fresh start." "Yeah I know. But I just have to do this. PLease tell aunt Misaki that I'll be alright." "You're still the adventerous type aren't you Fudo. Just remember that you'll always have a home here on Jurai."

Fudo's footsteps ring through the hall as he walks out of the palace and into the Jurai night.


Later in another reality. A small ship drifts powerless through a mass of planetary debris. On the bridge is Trig. She regains conciousness opening her shining green eyes. She looks to the ships intruments. Nothing seems to be working. She finally gets the radio working. She sends an SOS. "anyone. if anyone is there please respond." A reply comes back. "Yeah wadaya want I'm busy." "My ship is powerles. I'm running out of air." "Why should I care?" "Please my home planet was destroyed I barely escaped." "Wait was that the planet that was here?" "Yes that's the one." "Hold on I need information from you."

A sith infiltrator closes in on the small powerles ship. However before it reaches another ship arrives on the scene. The Gomisaki. Inside Gomisaki Fudo listens in on the transmition. "Gomisaki dock that ship. We're better equiped to help in this case."

Gomisaki complies and pulls small ship away from the sith infiltrator. The sith Infiltrator though follows into Gomisaki's docking bay.

Inside the docking bay Fudo opens the door to the disabled ship. Trig steps out. "You....I know you." She says. However before she can elaborate on this thought a bullet goes flying between them. Darth Frag walks out with guns in hand. "Alright who cut me off. huh? WHAT THE FUCK!" Darth Frag looks directly at Fudo in shock. Fudo stares back. Darth Frag removes his sunglasses. Trig looks to Fudo the to Frag. She realizes she's looking at the same person.