Pioneer: Winter Part4

Hearts adrift

By: Fragraham Lincon


Trig looked to both men standing before her. One a gun toting sunglass wearing Pirate who looked very familliar and a longhaired prince who bore the same face minus the sunglasses.

Frag held his trigger finger at the ready. "Okay kid you care to explain why you have my face before I blow it off." Fudo stepped forward "Please there's no need for violence here" "You should have thought of that before you cut me off." "I didn't mean to. I was just trying to help. What do yo need this girl for anyway?" "She's got information I need." "I only saw that she needed help so I picked her up. I guess you can ask her here if she's willing to talk. But she doesn't look like she'll be saying much right now."

Fudo Gestured to Trig who was broken down in tears. "Yeah I guess that happens when your planet blows up." Frag replied. "Her planet?" Fudo asked. "Yeah that's why I came here. It was the whole countless voices cry out then fall silent sort of thing. But this one was worse. Like someone tortured it first. And it was like I couldn't stop myself from coming. Something forced me to come here and I HATE being forced into doing something." Frag replied. "Well be my guest for now. This ship you are on is Gomisaki."


Fudo Gestured behind him as the lights of the docking bay turned on full revealing the immense interior. "" Frag stuttered as though he had heard that name once before. The human form of Gomisaki approached to greet them. "You....I've seen you somewhere before." Frag said upon seeing Gomisaki. Gomisaki approached Trig. "Lord Fudo! She's gone into shock!"


Elsewhere. Judgement was souring through space. He looked out to see a star destroyer moving toward a massive steel planet. It was the death star. Judgment grinned. He placed both hands together. Energy began to gather into an orb in front of him. He then Let it loose into a beam which pierced through the Star destroyer sending it hurtling into the steel planet.

"Sir we've lost a star destroyer and the death star is coming under attack angel?" Said a trooper to Palpatine. "Blast him with the main gun. We'll show this upstart who's the real superpower in this universe."

The death star rotated toward Judgement. The Main gun hummed as it powered up. Judgement knew it would have been easy enough to dodge but he chose not to. The beam ripped through space and impacted on Judgement. A flash of energy lit space brighter than any star for a moment. When the blast faded Judgement was still floating in space with the same maniacal grin on his face. "BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN SINNERS!" He yelled as he fired off another blast which peirced through the death star's armor. It impaced on the core soon and detonated. A few seconds later flame ripped through the death star's interior and shot out the sides to be extinguished by the vacume of space. The reaction continued and the death star was torn apart in a tremendous explosion. Judgement kackled as he shot off into the darkness of space.

In a small escape pod Palpatine and Darth Maximus look out on the destruction. "He did a number on us this time. I was sure that was Darth Frag but I don't recall even him being that powerful" Said Maximus. "It wasn't Frag but it felt a lot like him. Nor would he turn on me like that. We may not be on the best of terms but even Frag has some respect for me. What was that thing?" Sidius said as his pod drifted through space.


Back on Gomisaki Trig woke up in a comfortable bed with Gomisaki's human manifestation. Standing over her. "Oh you're awake. How are you feeling?" Asked Gomisaki. "Cold...very cold." Trig replied. "You're still in a state of shock. It's common for someone who has suffered a great loss like yourself. I'm sorry for you." " familly....everyone I've ever known and loved gone." Fudo entered the room with frag behind him. "I heard you were awake now. I brought you some coffee. I thought you might want something warm to drink." Trig accepted Fudo's offer. She grasped the mug tightly in both hands letting the warmth enter her hands as she sipped the hot concoction.

"What's your name miss?" Fudo asked. Trig looked to Frag. "Shouldn't he have have already told you?" Frag looked confused. "Look lady I don't know who the hell you are." "Oh I see. You must not be the same one then. My name is Trig." Fudo gave a slight bow. "I am Fudo. Ship is the Gomisaki. My companion here is also Gomisaki." Frag adjusted his sunglasses. "I'm Darth Frag call me Frag for short."

"Hey now that you're awake tell me what I need to know." Said Frag. "Frag please she's going through a lot right now can't you be patient." Fudo said taking offense. "Look I'm here for information and that's all. Once I have what I need to know I'll get out of here." Trig looked to Frag. "It's alright. I'll tell you whatever I can." "Good then answer me this. Who blew up that planet." Frag asked. Trig thought back. "The closest thing I can think of was... angel." "An angel" Frag and Fudo exclaimed simultaniously with a hint of familliarity. "Yes a winged man with great powers. He called himself Judgement. His face.... was like yours only twisted with pain, cruelty, and torment. He always looked half in rage and half about to cry."


Frag clenched his fist. "Angel...." "Angels have long been spoken of throughout history and even further back into the old myths and legends. But normally aren't angels a sign of goodnes?" Said Fudo. "But also there are the half angels who serve no master and the fallen angels who took the side of evil and even worse the Dark angels who serve no master but themselves." Said Trig correcting Fudo. "So is that what this Judgement is?" Frag pondered. Frag stepped back a few paces and leaned against the wall. "I have to find this Judgment person. I have a feeling that if there are answers as to my identity then he has them." Said Fudo. "I'll help yout track down that bastard Fudo. I want him brought to justice." Trig replied.

Fudo Looked to Frag. "Would you like me to let you off now?" Frag smiled. "Nah I think I'll hang around. I think your identity crisis has something to do with my own. So if I find this Judgement character then I'll have what I'm looking for. Besides you're going to need all the help you can get if you plan to tear him a new one." Trig held her head and slumped down. "Gomisaki came to her aid. "I'm afraid it's to early to be putting stress on her like this. She may look like she's handling this well but the sadness is tearing her up inside. I think we should leave her alone." Fudo knowing Gomisaki could tell that she was right. Gomisaki was always right about people's emotions. Fudo and Frag left the room.


It was dark aboard the Gomisaki. Frag was sleeping soundly. A sad melody woke him. It was a violin. Frag followed the sound. He found himself in the ship's garden. In the middle under a spotlight was Trig with violin in hand. Frag had come to complain about the nois but was quickly finding himself captivated by the meloncholy melody. Trig stopped playing to notice Frag's presence. Even in the dark he still hid behind his shades. The sign of a man who didn't readilly share the burdens on his sould. A man with a gun for a heart. "uhm....nice playing. You a musician?" Frag asked. "I am somewhat. I'm a scientist by trade but I also love the arts and music especially. I sometimes play when I'm sad. It helps to relese some of the frustrations." Trig replied. "Yeah I'm no good at music. But......could you keep playing?" Trig nodded and continued her melody. Fudo looked on from a distance. "So his heart isn't quite stone after all." He said to himself.

Trig finnished her song. Frag applauded. "Was it really that good?" Trig asked "Well to me it was. But what the hell do I know about music?" Frag replied. "You have a good ear. Like someone who's listened to classical music for much of his life." "How would I know. I don't really remember much of my life. Never really cared to. I guess I got a bump on the head or something and never looked back. Hey speaking of pasts. You said you're a scientist. Can you tell me why me and that Fudo kid look so damn much alike." "Well the closest I can figure is that you two are dimensional doubles. Since there are infinite universal possibillities and a limited makup for genetics among humanoids it's possible for two people to have a simillar or even identical makeup of genes. Although the odds are usually pretty slim of them meeting. Or since you don't remember your childhood it's alltogether possible that you're a clone of Fudo. I know many worlds in times of war create clones of people and accellerate their aging into adulthood and implant a knowledge of battle." "So that's what I am. Makes sense. But I wonder what Fudo meant by his own identity problems. I guess when I face judgement I'll find out." "If it helps I can do a scan on your dimensional signals and compare them tomorow." "Sure why not. I'm not doing anything for awhile." Trig played another tune which carried through the darkned ship.


The next day. Trig stood over a mass of test tubes and various instruments foreign to either Frag or Fudo. She continued to read the findings as her jaw dropped further and further. "Uhm guys could you look at this. You two are a perfect match." "Yeah you said we were probably doubles so our DNA should match right." Frag responded. "Yes but here's the problem. Your DNA doesn't match. Niether does anything else about you other than your faces. But No one's dimensional patern should be the same. Not even doubles. But yours........." Trig says as both Fudo and Frag stare at her chart which makes it clear to even the most dimwitted. "You're dimensional paterns.... ....they're.......the same......."