Pioneer: Winter Part 5

Soul in two

By: Fragraham Lincon


Fudo and Darth Frag stood Dropjawed. That they in fact had the same signiture. The signiture unique to each being which even doubles did not share. "By this reading.....You two are... ....the exact same person." Said Trig.

"What the hell? How can we be the same guy if I'm standing here and he's standing there and....God damn my head hurts" Said Frag. "Don't you two find it odd that you were both drawn to this exact same place and time? All because of judgement and......" Trig became silent.

Covering her face Trig ran from the room. "What the Hell was that?" Said Frag confused. "She never seemed to fully accept the loss of her home and people. I suppose it's set in." Said Fudo. "I thought she was over it by now. I mean she stops crying looks fine for a few hourse then goes back to crying again. Women are strange if you ask me."

Fudo looked angry at Frag's comments. "WELL NOT EVERYONE IS AS HEARTLESS AS YOU! I can't even believe she said we're any way alike. YOU DISGUST ME!" Fudo said as he stormed off from the room and followed Trig.

"What a pansy." Frag said to himself shrugging.

Later in Trig's room Fudo sat with her while she cried over her loss. "Trig...I know it hurts. I can't imagin your pain at losing everyone you've ever known. But You're welcome to stay here on my ship as long as you want. "Th...thank you.." Trig muttered over her sobs. "Go ahead and cry all you want. You have every right to." Said Fudo in condolence.


Frag was strolling around the garden of Gomisaki once again. He was running it through his head what Fudo had said to him. And what the strange girl named Trig was beginning to mean to him. He heard something behind him. A gun being drawn, not yet cocked but the destinctive sound of a gun's hollow barrel sliding against an old fashioned leather holster. Frag turned quickly and pointed a large handgun toward the source of the noise.

He heard the voice of his asailant. "You heard me I see. The sign of a true gunfighter. But I didn't hear your gun cock." He said as he stepped from the shadows. He looked somewhere in his twenties. His hair Solid black and reaching to his shoulders. His eyes obscured by a pair of sunglasses much like Frag's His armor black and red and covered by a trenchcoat which clattered when he moved due to the number of Guns and other such weapons strapped to it's inside.

Frag gave a cockey look "Didn't hear yours either. Hmf Looks like everyone's trying to immitate me lately." He said. "I like to understand my enemy. You should be the one to talk. After all you impersonate the greatest of all space Pirates Fragraham (shoot anything that moves) Lincon. But you're nothing more than a pale shadow. Darth Frag." "Who? Never heard of him. This is my face and my style. And who the hell are you anyway?" "What's in a name? I've had so many. hmmm yes that's a good enough name. Just call me Cain. For we do look as alike as brothers. And aren't I going to be the one who slays you." "You're a fucking boutny hunter aren't you. Dammit did the old man send you?" "Palpatine? Oh he certainly tried to hire me. But he couldn't afford my fee." "Then who the hell sent you?" "Sorry but my employers are kept confidential." "Well nevermind it's not like I can keep track of half the asses out to kill me anyway. But Still I can't help but take offense at your face. Sure your a handsome bastard but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to rearange it untill you stop looking like me."

Both fighters reached for the lever of their gun but a female voice broke the silence. "PLEASE NO FIGHTING!" Gomisaki's human shape ran into the room. "Please don't fight in here." Cain looked over to Gomisaki. "Hey I can't say no to a lady. How about later eh? When we have room to rumble?" Behind Cain a purple vortex materiazlized which he quickly stepped through.


Later in Trig's room Frag entered. Trig's eyes were puffy but dry now. Trig sat on her bed and Fudo was leaned up in against the wall with his eyes closed. Frag's keen ears cought the sound of the shallow breathing indicating that Fudo was asleep. "Guess it's true that teenagers can sleep anywhere." He said with a smile to Trig. " want more information don't you."

Frag looked down with a regretful expression. "You don't need to help me anymore. If anything I should have been helping you all this time but all I've thought about was myself. I don't even know who I really am or why I act like such a jerk all the time. It's just the only way I remember being. The kid..... ...You know he's probably more grown up than me."

Trig stood up and pulled Frag's sunglasses from his face. "You don't need to attack yourself like that...." Frag took back his sunglasses and placed them back over his eyes. "I havent' grown up at all. I don't deserve any help from you two. I can't stay here anymore. I'm only endangering you. The only way I can help you now is to get out of your way." Frag said as he turned to leave.

He began a swift run toward the docking bay. In front of him when he arrived was Fudo. "HUH? How did you..." Frag began "Gomisaki is my ship. I know every inch of her. And I am quite skilled in many arts. Though I mimicked the breathing paterns of sleep I was quite well aware of my surroundings. I heard everything you said." "Yeah so what. You wanna lord it over me?" "No.....I wanted to wish you good luck. And to tell you that you're welcome to come back any time you want. I know what it's like to have to leave a place after you've grown attached to the people. So I understand what you're going through." "You understand a lot of things for a kid. You're okay Fudo."

Fudo was rather shocked that Frag had chosen to use his actual name than "kid" which he had taken to using. Frag seeing this walked past Fudo and up into his ship. He looked back to Fudo and gave a grin peeking over his sunglasses. "You've grown up a lot kid" He said. Fudo smiled back. "You too you crazy bastard."

Darth Frag's sith infiltrator left Gomisaki's docking bay and shot off into deep space.



In another dimension Darth Frag landed on a planet called Sentinel. The sun was setting and the streets were empty now bathed in the red of the setting sun.

Aproaching over the horizon was Cain. Both DarthFrag and Cain still dressed the same in their black trenchcoats. A moment of silence.

Frag drew what looked like a space age shotgun and fired a scattershot. Cain lept over the general area of the incoming artillery and opened fire with an identical weapon. Frag responded in kind by throwing a bandoleer of grenades into the incoming blast and reatreated back. Cain seeing he was about to fall into the exoplosion below drew a larger gun and fired it downward countering his momentum and sending him to safety. When the explosion ended a heavy dust cloud covered Cain and Frag. Both could hear the sound of each others feet pounding the street as they ran in trying to find a target. Finally both met in the center and a two red flashes signified the use of lightsabers. Both combatants exited the dust cloud on oposite sides.

Cain looked at his lightsaber. It shattered in his hand. "Four bladed lightsaber....just like his....THIS WEAPON IS IMPOSSIBLE TO USE!" He screamed in frustration throwing the broken weapon on the ground.

Cain halted his fit when he heard the whistling of bullets approaching him. He sidestepped but was cought by one of the rounds. Darth Frag was stepping through the dust and put what looked like an uzi to Cain's head.

"Mabey I can collect a bounty on the bounty hunter huh? How does that feel to know that I'm going to collect your pay by using your own trick against you. Nah. Your face is too damn ugly to look like mine. Anyone could see through that weak imitation." Frag boasted.

Cain looked at DarthFrag in disgust. "Go ahead and do it. If you don't I'll be back. Once I take someone's face I don't stop untill it's unique to me alone."

Darth Frag smashed the butt of his gun into Cain's head knocking him on the ground then gave him a swift kick in the ribs. "I've already humilliated you. You're no threat to me anymore."


Frag began to walk away from Cain but heard the loudest cocking noise he'd ever heard behind him. Cain was carrying an enormous gun with the letters BFG engraved on it. "We're both imitations of the same man. But I don't think you bothered to imitate THIS!" He said with a demented smirk on his face. "What the hell kind of gun is that!" Frag exclaimed.

"It's called the BFG. The only one in existance belonged to the original Fragraham Lincon. It's said that only he could use it and that any other man would be propelled from a planet's atmosphere by the kick alone while the intended projectile remained motionless." Cain explained. Frag shouted back to him. "You idiot You're not even a correct immitation of me much less the so called greatest of all space pirates. What the hell makes you think that you can fire that thing?"

Cain continued to smile. "just as you said. I'm not a correct immitation....I'M AN IMPROVEMENT" Yelled Cain as he hit another button on the BFG causing it to open it's side panels and launche several stiff anchors deep into the ground. "NOW LET'S SEE WHO THIS FACE REALLY BELONGS TO!"


Cain began operating the many switches and safeties on the BFG as a number of beeps eminated from the security computer on the gun. Frag on reflex reached into his coat naturally looking for a gun despite the fact that he knew he didn't have anything powerful enough to stop the legendary BFG. However instead of finding whatever gun he could grab at random he found his hand sinking into a small vortex. Too small to be the kind he used for his ship or even one for a single human. But what he pulled out was enormous.

Frag from the strange vortex in his coat drew an identical BFG and aimed it streight down the barel of Cain's. "I....Impossible... ....that's.....the original....then you must be....." Cain stuttered as he hit the last triggers to fire his BFG and send a massive projectile trailed by an energy wave forward. Frag responded in kind by hitting at an almost inhuman speed all the necessary safeties and then letting loose with his BFG. Frag Held his ground despite the massive power of the weapon in his hand. Both blasts met. The blast of Cain's BFG was overtaken completely. The blast traveled down the barrel of Cain's BFG blew to scrap as the shell hit Cain and carried him skipping across the planets surface skipping twice at one mile intervals before finally shooting strieght up out of the planet's atmosphere and exploding in space alighting the now night sky with a spectacular blast.

Frag finally relaxed his legs. Which let the risidual momentum still throw him back through a nearby wall. Frag found he'd made an unusual entrance into a saloon. Not one to let his good fortune go to waste he walked up to the bar and asked for the strongest concoction in the house.

----------------- CLICK

Elsewhere in the infinite darkness. Nyphale appeared before a shaded figure who's eyes glowed a blood red. "He seems to be quite strong despite our attempts to impede him. Azrael wasn't entirely successful in reassembling him and yet still he is strong even when broken apart. If he becomes too strong he may even be able to come here." Said Nyphale.

A hight pitched voice eminated from the shadowy figure and seemed as well to come from all around. "I welcome him with open arms. By the time he has reached me I will already have come to understand all of the secrets which judgement is keeping from me."

"But what if Azrael is able to correct his mistake before you achieve..." Nyphale began but was cut off. "Not even Saraphim is more powerful than I. What could one man even if he had one quarter of Saraphim's power do to harm me?" The dark one replied.

"But if he finds you as you are now....before you regain your strength...." "I can tell this bothers you Nyphale. Cartainly I will be fair to you. If you wish to do so then you may kill him. But understand that this time you will have to use your human side if you want to prevent Azrael from finding out about it." "Th...thank you." Nyphale said as he flew off into the darkness.