Part 6

Ahead on our way
By: Fragraham Lincon

Darth Frag threw back a shot and slammed the glass down. A strange orange man took notice and returned to his own drink. Darth Frag moved over a few seats to the orange man's side. "You look familliar." He said. The orange man looked over to Darth Frag and let his jaw Drop. "C.....Capn!" Darth Frag looked confused for a moment. "I'm nobodies captain" He replied. "B...but Cap''s me.. ...Jase" "I dont' know anyone by that name"

Jase takes a closer look..."Oh....I see....but you do look a lot like him." "Oh another one I see. Who the hell is this guy everyone says I look like?" Darth Frag replies confused. "Fragraham Lincon. A good man if ever there was one. But I guess it's true..." "What's true?" "The reason I'm here I didn't want to believe it but He's dead." Jase answered before finnishing his drink and demanding another.

Darth Frag adjusted his sunglasses to make sure his eyes weren't visible. "So tell me more about this guy. Who was he and what did he do?" Jase took another long drink. "I'm Jase..A memeber of the Renegade Force. Twenty years ago he was our leader. I owe my life to him still. He gathered a group of misfits together and made them into a team of outlaws who saved the world more times than I can remember. He was a space pirate but he was more than that. He was a leader. He was our leader. That's why I call him Capn. But that was twenty years ago. We've worked through our share of troubles since he left but we eventually got our act together. Still he meant a lot to us all."

Jase became silent and took another drink. Darth Frag did the same. "I can see why this guy has made such a fuss. Now if only I knew why I had his face." Frag said as he got up and left.

The bartender Looked up and noticed. "Hey that guy didn't pay." Jase threw down some cash. "I'll cover it." The bartender accepted Jase's pay and began to polish a glass. "Heh, Pay you when I make it big Starwind, Cain the pretender, Holocost Harry, Fragraham shoot everything that moves Lincon. There's a lot of outlaws like that out there. Strange how just one dying could make such a change in the world."

Darth Frag sat on a rock some distance outside the city. The moonlight shone down on him. "Why do I even care? Why should I? I'm a damn good space pirate. I shouldn't have to live in this guys shadow. What's he got to do with me anyway? Who's out to kill me? And what.....what the hell is it about that girl? Why do I even care? Why do I give a damn about anyone else? I never cared aboyt anyone before. They're just liabillities. So why do I feel like I need..."


Back on Gomisaki. Fudo was on the bridge. Trig aproached him. "We've been waiting here for long enough. I don't think he's coming back." "Without him I'm never going to have the answers I'm looking for." Fudo replied. "Hey I promised I'd help you out didn't I." Said Darth Frag as he walked onto the bridge. "You came back." Trig said smiling. "Well I knew you'd never get anywhere without me." Frag replied with a cocky smile.

Fudo commanded Gomisaki. "Hey it's time to get out of here. This place is depressing."


In another universe Judgement continues his rampage. Blood covers his hands has he walks through the flames of another planet set ablaze. A mother clutches her child as judgement aproaches her. "What a beutiful child. What's your name?" He asks bending down. "M....Mary." The little girl answers before her mother pulls her away. Judgement looked over to the mother. "Born in wedlock?" The mother nodded yes. Judgement sneezed. "Well then you can go." The mother takes her child by the hand and flees. Judgement points a finger to the escaping pair. "Too bad they didn't say God bless you when I sneezed."

Moments later the planet exploded. The billions of inhabitants last heard the maniacal screams of Judgement. Judgement floating through the rubble looked to the nearby star. He put both hands together and fired off a massive blast into the star. The star began to erupt first expanding consuming nearby worlds then it collapsed in on its self becoming a black hole. Judgement flew away from the gravitational pull plowing through any matter which was being pulled into his path. Once clear Judgement turned to witness the spectacle of a system of inhabbited worlds being sucked forever into the darkness. "AH HA HA HA HA HA!!!! All sinners will be thrown from the heavens and into the infinite darkness. HAH HA HA HA HA!"


Judgement turned back around and began to fly off but found another angelic figure standing in front of him. The single wing identified him as Nyphale. "Judgement this has to stop. This is not what your master intended of you." Nyphale said. "I have no master you fool! I am Judgement destroyer of Sin. And you are standing in my way which in its self is a sin. SO BURN BURN BURN BURN BURN!!!!" Judgement screamed as he fired a blast at Nyphale hurtling him back. Nyphale shook his head realizing Judgement had miscalculated his blow. "Come now Judgement. You're so used to slaughtering helpless normal humans that you don't even realize the power you have. Now come with me so that your lord can unlock the real power within you." Said Nyphale. Judgement snarled and prepard a bigger blast but before he could release it he doubled over in pain. "STOP THE VOICES STOP THEM! STOP THE SCREAMING!"

Nyphale reached out to Judgment. "You aren't meant for this world. Come with me and I'll end your pain." Judgement threw an energy bolt at Nypahle and flew back. "No I'll end this my own way. I'll silence every voice untill all is peacefull and silent again!" Judgement flew away from Nyphale dissapeared into space.

Nyphale looked out into space. "I can't catch Judgement right now. He's too much stronger than me. But I have another score to settle elsewhere. and all I have to do to find him is to follow Judgement's path of destruction."


A short time later the Gomisaki arrived in the remains of the star system recently destroyed by Judgement. Fudo looked to the black hole which still was conusming the rubble. "The utter devestation. What could have done something so horrible." "This black hole was formed recently. And I don't mean in astronomical time I mean within an hour." Trig said. Darth Frag looked on with Trig. "Could it have been a black hole gun?" Trig shook her head. "No I've been in close proximity to those before. They don't form black holes this big. Normally they only collapse smaller objects like planets into microscopic black holes. This one is on a star's scale. But it still can't be natural."

"It's not." Said someone as they stepped onto the bridge. Frag Drew a shotgun on the intruder. "Hey relax I'm not gonna hurt ya." He said walking into view. He was dressed in blue jeans and a white Tshirt with a black leather trench coat over it. From his back extended two white wings. "Let me guess you don't remember me right." He says. "I don't remember a lot of things. Care to fill me in." Said Frag. "Name's Azrael. It took me a while to track you down ya know. I figured you'd all be drawn to the same place like this."

"You know about us?" Fudo asked. "Sure I do. I know even more than either of you know. By now I'm sure you've heard of the Space pirate Fragraham Lincon right. And you know you both look a whole hell of a lot like him. Well there's a perfectly good reason for that. You ARE him." Azrael said. "Who me or the kid?" Frag asked. "Both of you. The real Fragraham Lincon Lived his life on Jurai untill he was about seventeen then he took off for space and started calling himself Fragraham Lincon the space pirate. A while later he accidently started dimension hopping and met up with Darth Sidius and became known in the sith circle as Darth Frag. Any of this starting to sound familliar to you guys?" Azrael explained.

"But hold on a sec. I could see it if Mabye I lost my memory of Being Fragraham but how does the kid fit in?" Darth Frag asked. "Will you get it through your thick head that He's you and you're him. Let me put it this way. Fragraham Lincon died a rather unnatural death. I met with him that is I met with you two when you were whole. I had to put him back on earth to set things right but somehow the whole heavenly order is royally fucked up. The result being that when your soul came back to earth it wouldn't fall into one body but instead ended up in three devided by the Three strongest of Frag's special powers. There's his Jurai power and that was incarnate as Fudo with the kind heart of Frag had. Then there's his sith power and it hung on to Frag's strong willpower. Thus Fudo and Darth Frag. Got it?"

"Wait wait wait. You mean me and the kid are both Fragraham Lincon?" Said Darth Frag. "We are two havles of the same whole?" Fudo asked. "Yeah that's right. Fudo has the memories of the past and Darth Frag has knowledge of the present." Azrael replied "But wait. You said he was broken into three parts." Stated Trig. "Yeah I did didn't I. That's where it gets complicated. While most of the original Frag's soul is in these two a small portion along with Frag's more twisted thoughts are embodied as Judgement Whom by now you've all heard of. Judgement is where the whole cosmic hoodoo goes to whack. Fragraham Lincon carried in his life force the power known as the Ultimate Force. It's the power of hope and the power that protects the universe. I don't honestly know why Frag didn't have the power to controll it correctly. But now it's bonded to Judgement's fraction of the soul. But now that power has been corrupted and embodied as an angel of wrath. Judgement is everything the Ultimate force was NOT meant to be. Right now he's doing the exact opposite of the Ultimate Force's intent and destroying life left and right. And what's worse is there's another force pulling on him trying to controll him." Explained Azrael.


Trig stood at the window looking out into space. "For a short time not too long ago I knew The original Frag. Fudo he let me call him. While he didn't have much of a way with words and put up a tough persona I felt a feeling of goodness and love from within him. He was a kind man. And now I understand him more so than ever because you two have shown me what was inside of him. And now I understand Judgement as well. He's trying to fight the powers that exert controll over him. He feels helpless and is lashing out. He's like a child really. We have to put him to bed."

Darth Frag pushed his sunglasses up to ensure his eyes weren't visible. "That's right. You have to put Frag back together to ballance this thing out. Judgement's rage will be kept in chack by a complete soul. And Darth Frag you'll have your past back. And Fudo all your answers will come too. You guys just have to get your act together...uhm no pun intended. Now I'd love to stick around and chat but if the higher ups find out I've been mingling with the humans again they're gonna be really pissed.

CLICK Azrael stepped back and faded from sight. The bridge fell silent for a moment. Fudo slumped down in the command chair. "Judgement is so full of hate and sorrow. I"m afraid of what I might become if I joined with him." "Hey didn't you hear? We won't have any problems controlling him. He's only a tiny part of the soul. If anything I should be pissed for having to join with a pansy." Frag replied adjusting his sunglasses. Trig stepped up to Darth Frag and pulled his sunglasses from his face. "Why are you hiding? If you have something to say then say it." Darth Frag turned his back and searched his pocket for another pair of sunglasses. "STOP THIS NOW! Tell me what you're thinking. Don't keep pulling back from us." Trig yelled at him. Frag took a deep breath and turned around. "Mabey I don't want to be Fragraham. Mabye I want to be who I am. Mabey I want to make a new life for myself instead of following the one left for me. And just mabey I don't want to be the defender of hope for the universe. Mabey I just want to be me!" Darth Frag Protested.

"But it's for the good of the universe." Fudo replied. "Hey you got the caring side remember kid. I'm the asshole. So you'll have to forgive me if mabey I just don't give a damn about the universe." Trig reached up and slapped Frag across the face. "THEN GO! WHY DON'T YOU JUST LEAVE!" Frag stepped back. "Because........because I promised you I'd bring Judgement to justice. and I won't betray that promise. Not even if it means my own sacrifice." Fudo smiled. "Gee and I thought you weren't supposed to have a caring side" Frag whipped out his shotgun and pointed it to Fudo. "SHUT THE HELL UP! I'll join with judgement and I'll keep him under controll. But you stay away." "But..." Fudo began but was interupted again. "No buts. I'll go through with it but.... ....if either of us deserves to remain who he's you. Your the one who cares about people and I'm just a leach on the universe. You'll probably end up in the history books as someone who opened peoples eyes. All I'll ever do is end up on a wanted poster on some backwater planet. So you go on. I'll take care of Judgment and you go on to mak the world a better place. NOW GIMME BACK MY FUCKING SUNGLASSES!" Said Frag as he snatched up his sunglasses and stepped out through the door.


Much later back in the garden. Frag sat on a tree branch and looked up to the stars through the transparent dome of the Gomisaki. The sound of violin music began to play. Frag jumped down to meet with Trig. "Every night you play the same sad song. And every night I listen. How many more nights like this do I have?" Trig continued to play without speaking. "Oh I see. The song's not for you this time is it? It's for me right? I know I know it was weird that I made that descision. But he's a good kid after all. and well. he's sort of become like a little brother to me. Sure he annoys the hell out of me but I can't help but want to protect him." Trig stopped her song and kissed Frag on the cheek then whispered in his ear. "You're the same good man I always knew." Trig left the Garden. Frag was alone with only his thoughts.


"I was afraid of that. I was afraid of what I was beginning to feel. Now she's gone and given me something to live for. Keeping my word is going to be hard now."

Another voice came from behind Frag. "She certainly has hasn't she. But why give yourself up? Why not just had Judgement over to us? There's a new world order coming. And with this order there will be no need for such sacrifices." Frag looked over his shoulder to see Nyphale aproaching. "You know I'm getting pissed with all the people who just keep waltzin onto this ship. I'd think the kid would have better security than that." "It's not very hard really. Not with my methods. There are powers far beyond your comprehenshion at work. Azrael is a fool to think that just one man could stop it." "Why not. It's happened before." "Ah but you my friend are no god." "You're the one's who sent Cain aren't you. Why should I trust you if you obviously already see me as such a threat that you'd try to take me out." "Well I can't have you tampering with Judgement. So why don't we settle this. You and Fudo both. I can think of a good place. Why not meet me here. Where no one will get in our way." Nyphale threw a crumpled up piece of paper at Frag and dissapeared.

Frag stood alone in the silent garden.