Part 8

The Mission
By: Fragraham Lincon

Fudo slept uneasilly aboard Gomisaki. Trig and Frag seemed to have preffered staying among the people of the planet.

"Hey Fudo wake up." Said someone. Fudo sat up in bed and rubbed his eyes. "Doctor Brown? What's up?" "Sorry to wake you up but I need you to do something." "What would that be?" "You remember the dimensional canon used to destroy this dimension right?" "How could I forget such a terrible weapon." "Well you may want to sit down for this." "I am sitting" "then stand up."

Fudo stood up. "good now sit down." Said brown. Fudo sat down. "What's so important? Is there something about the dimensional canon I should know?" "The BFG which Fragraham stole from the NCC vault, G.U.N. which was stored in a dimensional pocket untill it was drawn out by Ray Doss. And finally there's the Dimensional Canon. A weapon which no man has the right to use. These three are the most powerful weapons ever created by the DGF. Only a strong man could weild G.U.N. or B.F.G. But the dimensional Canon was created as a political wapon of terror. The fact that anyone would dare to use it tells me that it has to be destroyed." Said Doc Brown. "How do you know so much about these weapons?" asked Fudo. "I built them. I commissioned each one for the DGF. G.U.N. for the chosen one. The B.F.G. for the ultimate field agent. But the Dimensional canon I was forced to build. I've already removed a chunk of my brain as to prevent myself from remembering how to build another one. But that one is still at the DGF waiting for the next hitler wanabe to get their hands on it. That's why I came here. I wanted you to destroy it. Do you think you can do it?"

"I'm....not sure. The NCC is such a big place. Wouldn't Darth Frag be better suited to the job?" Said Fudo hanging his head down. "You and I know that everything that Judgement and anyone who acted in relation to him will be undone. But the NCC is central. So no matter what any events there will be unchanged. So if I sent Frag there he'd kill to many people. And nothing would be able to bring them back. That's why I need you to go." Doc Brown answered. "So there's no one but me who you can trust to do this job?"

"Don't put yourself down. You may be young but I've trusted the fate of the universe to less experianced people than you." "I see. Well I'll try my best."


The NCC: During the stations sleep cycle. Fudo quietly stepped through the long winding coridoors. he gave a thought to how inefficient it was to have the entire base sleep at one time. However perhaps more fitting to a human's natural cycle. Even the coridoors were dark to simulate night time. Following the map given to him by Doc Brown Fudo had little trouble locating the Vault where the Dimensional canon was kept.

"Why was there so little security?" Fudo thought to himself as he stood in front of the massive door to the Vault. Fudo reached behind his back and drew out a staff made of wound pieces of wood with a decorative top. He held it in front of him in both hands summoning up energy. After sufficiently charging he stepped back and fired off a ball of energy at the Vault door. Smoke and dust filled the hallway as alarms sounded alerting security of Fudo's pressence. Fudo waited anxiously for the dust to clear.

Once the view was clear Fudo's jaw dropped as he saw before him the battered and broken walls and the yet unscathed vault door. Furthermore the smoke cleared to reveal to Fudo that Security gaurds had surrounded him with rifles trained on him.

"What? It's just a kid! Howe'd he do that?" Says one of the guards surprized. "Kid or not look at what he did." Remarks another.


Someone steps through the line of gaurds. A medium built man in a lab coat. "Stand back I know this guy..." He says getting a good look at Fudo. "Or at least I thought I knew. Guards I can handle it from here." The guards nod to the lab coated man who obviously held higher rank and walked away.

Fudo stared at the lab coated man for a moment. "Do I know you?" "Frag it's me Mac." "No my Name is Fudo. But I think I know about the man you're reffering to." "What's with the disguise Frag? You know you're welcome at the NCC anytime now." "No I'm not Frag..well not exactly." "Then who are you?"

Fudo puzzled over his answer for a moment. "I am Fudo Ryuo are you a friend of the original Fragraham Lincon?" "Yeah he and I have worked together for a long time." Mac answered. "Would you trust him enough to let him into the vault." "Well I guess so. He's been there before and didn't steal too much." "Then for now let us say that I am him." "Wait are you or are you not Frag?" "The Frag you know is dead." "That's impossible. He was just here yesterday." "That's because I'm outside the NCC where it is far in the future. Or such is my understanding." "I see. But what's this about Frag being dead?" "Well I don't know much about it. In a way he's still alive but suspended between existing and not existing. I'm part of him along with two other beings. So please don't grieve. You're friend is alive. He's only changed."

"Frag is always undergoing transformations. I guess this is part of his evolution." Said Mac "I hadn't thought of it that way." Fudo replied. "Well why do you need to enter the vault Fudo?" Mac asked. "I need to find the dimensional canon." "WHOAH the dimensional canon. You can't be seriously thinking of using that thing." "No, I'm here to destroy it." "I see. I was coming here to do that myself I have enemies who are after it."


Mac placed his hand on the vault. The door creeked loudly as it began to open. Once it had opened Mac and Fudo stepped in. Before them lay the innards of the vault in all it's enormity. Piles of valuable jewels and currency from countless worlds towered as high as one could see. Weapons of all manner scattered about. The most secret of all docements portruded in overstuffed cabinets. Half finnished experiments lay all over. The grandure rivaled even Jurai's palace.

Mac walked through the inner passageways of the Vault with Fudo close behind. Mac finally reached a dark center room. Mostly covered in dust. "These hardcopies are the only documentation on the Dimensional canon. Mac lit a small flame reducing the documents to cindar. He then powered up and let loos an enormous blast atomizing even the ashes which only halted at the inner wall of the vault. Finally he turned to a center pedastal. Upon it lay a broken machine. "This is all that's left of the dimensional canon. It was damaged badly when Ray overpowered it. But it's still dangerous if some idiot should try to repair it. The odd thing is it's also heavilly armored. even in this state I'm going to have to hit it hard. You may want to stand back while I power up."


Just as Mac began to increse his power a snicker came from the shadows beyond. From the darkness stepped A chubby man. "You didn't think I'd let you get rid of my little toy did you?" He said with another chortle. "Brin you bastard!" Mac snapped. The fat man identified as Brin snapped his fingers. A loud rumbling nocked dust loose from all over as from behind brin approached a large robot. It was armed to the teeth with all manner of weapons and painted solid black. "This is mauler. I'll leave it to him to retrieve the weapon. I have other matters to attend to. Such as explaining how you dissapeared." With that Brin waddled away chuckling.


Mauler lumbered toward Fudo and Mac. Mac was already lost in his concentration. Fudo aparently was going to have to protect him from this mechanical monstrocity.

Fudo spun his staff and glowed with power. "Let's see how you like the fighting techniques of Juri!" Fudo lept up and smashed his staff into the robot's tiny head. Mauler staggered back a bit with dent in it's armor. Fudo rebounded and waited for Mauler to fall over. Unfortunately it didn't but rather raised a cluster rocket launcher and let loose.

Fudo held his staff up and concentrated. The rockets impacted and their firy explosions skid off a shield of energy emanating from Fudo. Fudo again charged for an attack, again taking to the air he rained down energy balls akin to the ones he attempted to open the vault with. He aimed carefull for the Robots weapons attempting to set them off inside its own body. A few successful blasts sent Mauler hurtling back.

Mauler stopped for a moment before ejecting its outer armor revealing a smaller more agile machine underneath now loaded with a pair of Gattling guns on it's shoulders and laser swords in place of hands.

Mauler let it's ammuniton compliment fly at Fudo. He maintanied his shield untill it ran out of ammunition. Fudo taking advantage of the time it took Mauler to jettison the extra weight of its now empty guns closed in and jabbed with the pointed end of his staff tearing into the Robots vitals.

Mauler countered by swinging its enrgy weapons at Fudo. He ducked underneath and rolled between the Mauler's legs before giving it another hard jab in the back and shouting "JURIA NEEDLE!" a force of energy charged from Fudo's staff and into Mauler electrocuting it. Mauler smoked for a moment. before falling over. Fudo relaxed for a moment. Then another noise emanated from Mauler. Six insectoid legs sprouted from it's neck as the head detached and stood up like an overly large bug. It lept up into the air and made a dive for Fudo.

"THAT'S ENOUGH! JURAI CANON!" Fudo spun his staff in front of him untill it's glow appeared as a disk. The from that disk fired a beam of white energy as wide as the disk which engulfed and incinerated what remained of Mauler.

Mac Had finnished powering up. He turned his head to Fudo. "RUN!" Fudo didn't bother to question and began to make a swift run to the Vault's exit. Halfway through he heard Mac scream out. "BREATH OF THE HEAVENS!" and with it a massive explosion chased Fudo out of the Vault. Fudo Made a dive out of the Vault as a beam poured from it's doorway blasting away the oposite wall.


After the blast had cleared Fudo made his way back into the vault. He was glad he wouldn't be the one cleaning up the mess. back in the room where he had fought stood mac in his shining super human armor. still on the pedastal was the Dimensional Canon. "All that didn't destroy it?" Fudo asked surprized. Mac took a deep breath. "Wait." A couple seconds later the Canon burst into rays of light. "It was a quantum after image. Light had to catch up with time. It's gone forever. Every trace of this horrible weapon has been removed from all existance."

"So reality is safe from another horrible weapon" Said Fudo with smile of satisfaction. "Yup. And thanks for all your help. I couldn't have done it without you." Mac replied. "Well then I should get going." "Wait...Don't you want to stay with us for awhile? I'd like to catch up on what's happening to my old friend." "Another time Mac. I have a lot to do to put right the things that have been done wrong." "Oh, Many miles before you sleep huh. You sound just like the Frag I always knew. Good luck then." "You too."

Fudo waved goodbye one more time before he stepped through a waiting portal. Mac smiled and began walking away when he heard someone say "erhem" behind him. He turned around to see brin. At first he thought it odd that Brin could sneak up on him but remembered that a power level that low was easy to overlook. Brin just grinned at him and said. "You sure set me back guardian. Just don't think that it's over. If you think I'm bad. Wait untill you meet my lawyers"


Elsewhere in reality things weren't as happy. It had been a few days in star trek alpha. The Dimensional Glue Gun was readly. The target was set the base of operations was set up on Titan which was now breathable and warm but still baren and dry. Darth Frag stared into the sky as a an object approached. It descended from the Sky. A man clad in black. One white wing portruding from his back.

"So you finally showed up. Took you long enough Nyphale." Said Frag "I do bide my time well but now I'm ready to kill you." Nyphale replied. "Seems that's what everybody wants to do these days." "Have you made your peace?" "Who gives a damn. Just bring it bitch."

A hot breeze swept through the air. Two men alive for the moment. Soon one would be dead.