Part 9

Something wicked this way comes
By: Fragraham Lincon

In the controll center for the Dimensional Glue gun Fudo sat alone with his head held down. Trig was going through some last minute double checks When she noticed the boy's depression and sat by his side. "What has you down Fudo? Trig asked. "It's Frag. He's out there fighting alone. This thing he's up against is so strong and he's facing them. He has such a strong will. I have fighting power too and I should be out there with him. How is it that both of us could come from the same warrior's spirit and yet be so different. I'm such a coward." Trig turned to Fudo "Why would you say that? You just fought a giant robot with your jurai power. You may have very well saved another universe. You're a hero." "But...Even though I defeated my enemy I knew from the start that I had more power. I only have the courage to fight those weaker than myself. Frag is taking on impossible odds. I'm just to scared to go out there. I'm not strong enough."

Trig shook her head and looked into Fudo's eyes. "Fudo listen to me. Don't confuse fighting power with strength. If a man defeated you but had a dark heart then he is still weaker than you. I knew many poeple like that in my world during our time of war. People had powerful weapons but weak hearts. Your heart is so strong Fudo. Frag may have gotten the fighting power from your original but you have his true strength. a strong and determined heart. Please don't doubt yourself." Fudo lookead the the floor again. He ran his sleeve across his eyes before looking to Trig. "Trig......Thank you."


Outside in the desert of Jupiter's moon Titan Nyphale stood at the ready. Darth Frag stared him down. "And what do you think you can do? I killed you once before you know. And you were much stronger then." Said Nyphale taunting Frag. "So you're the one who did that huh. I guess that means I gotta kill you to make it even" "You fool do you really think that you're stronger than I? I am the emmisary of the new God." "Sorry but I'm not much a man for any gods, be it yours or that of any other sorry son of a bitch." "The God you know is old and weak. He hides in his heaven while the earth goes to Hell. The new God is mighty and will rule with a strong hand. Those who obey will live in paradise while those who disobey will be cast into the darkness. That's what all beings want of God anyway. So why not accept the innevitable." "Sorry he doesn't sound like my kind of God. I'd preffer he just keep his nose out of my bussines" "That's what I thought. There will be no place for men like you in the rule of the new God." "Yeah just bring it bitch."

Frag reached into his coat drawing a large handgun which he emptied in Nyphale's direction. Nyphale stealthilly plucked each projectile from the air and droped them to the ground.

Frag realizing he needed a more hands on approach drew his lightsaber and alit it's four blades. He charged swung his weapon verticly intending to half Nyphale on the spont but found instead his adversary had sidestepped. Nyphale taking advantage of the moment brought a fist crashing down on Frags back sending his face into the dirt. Frag began to pull himself up and found Nyphale's foot in his stomach propelling him through the air. Nyphale was quick to move and catch Frag on his descent with a rising punch. Nyphale then let Frag fall limp from his fist and onto the ground.

Frag again pulled himself up from the sandy ground. He spat out a mouthfull of blood and sand onto Nyphale's boots in deffiance. Nyphale kicked at Frag's face. Frag however was prepared and rolled while ceasing Nyphale's foot. Frag wrapped Nyphale into a painfull ankle lock and dug another handgun from his coat with his free hand.

Frag pushed the barel of his weapon into Nyphale's ankle and pulled the trigger. Nyphale screamed in pain as the bullet tore a gaping hole through him. In a fit Nyphale hurled Frag away and rolled on the ground screaming in pain. Frag could tell that Nyphale with his naturally high power level while not easilly injured also was not well adapted to intense pain.

Frag took the oportunit to again work on Nyphale's ankle. He instead of reaching into his guns reached into his provisions and pulled out a salt cube which he crushed in his hand and rubbed into the wound he'd made on Nyphale's ankle.

Nyphale's face deformed in a scream of intense pain. Frag Knew this was his chance. He knew he'd pissed off Nyphale and if he gave him a chance to recover wouldn't be able to escape. Frag picked up his lightsaber and redirected all the power onto one blade. With a strong swing he completely removed the afflicted foot. Agan Nyphale contorted his face in a painful scream. Frag then drew a small case from his belt and pulled a string. In an instant it unfolded and became a bazooka. Frag loaded it with a round marked with a nuclear symbol And stood over Nyhpale. He pointed down to Nyphale's chest. "This time you won't dodge" is all he said as he let the projectile fly into Nyphale's sternum before recting a shield from his sith power to protect him from the tremendous blast that ensued.

Sand blew into the air as a spherical explosion alighted the side of the planet and made the desert even more baren than before. Inside the swirling sandstorm created by the force of his weapon Frag looked around trying to pierce the dustclouds to see any indication of his enemie's warabouts. He could see a white light. Someone else with a shield was approaching him. Frag pointed a gun toward this person. However lowered it when he saw it to be his other half Fudo. "Darth Frag. Are you alright?" He asked. "Don't be running into the middle of fights kid you could get yourself killed."


Before Fudo could reply the sands blew harder and harder and eventually passed leaving only the bedrock of the desert. Frag and Fudo looked to the center of the winds. and there the one winged figure stood with a gaping hole in his chest. Nyphale was somehow still alive. "You sadist. What kind of monster are you." Nyphale choked out. "Impossible. Still alive. WHY WON'T YOU JUST DIE!" Said Frag reaching for another weapon. "Let me help you with this one." Said Fudo to Frag. "It's your funeral kid."

Nypnale began to tremble violently as did the ground around him. the winds became more and more intense. Nyphale's form began to change. New flesh grew where he had been injured. Hands turned to claws and nyphale's face grew into a picture of wickedness. Nyphale had again become the monster that slew the original Frag. "And now you both die!" it screamed as it lept into the air. The impact of it's landing toppled Fudo as the creature ceased Frag with the larger of his hands. Frag began emptying a pair of automatic weapons into the creatures face but to little avail.


Fudo looked over to see the spindly legs of the creature. He had a thought that this monster must not have a stable balance. He realized that it's attentions were turned to Frag and took the opportunity to jab the point of his staff into Nyphale's tough hide and shouted "JURAI NEEDLE" the monster recieved a massive shock and released Frag. Nyphale turned his attentions to Fudo.

Fudo shouted as the monster took a swat at him. "You have to get him off of his feet. knock him in the air. Frag halted the monsters attack on Fudo with a barage of bare knuckle punches into the monster's rock hard gut. When Nyphale craned his long neck over to snap at Frag he found himself facing down the barel of the legendary B.F.G. Frag already was working all of the security mechanisms while Fudo was getting his staff charged and into a full twirl. The final click sounded for the B.F.G. as fudo shouted out "JURAI CANON!" both shots let loose carrying the beast off of the ground and in fact off of the surface of Titan alltogether. The explosion in space sent Nyphale hurltling even further and into the gravitational pull of Jupiter.

Nyphale was pulled into the thick raging atmosphere of jupiter and promtly incinerated by the heat.

Frag and Fudo relaxed. It was hard to believe they had come out of such a battle relatively unmamed. Frag smiled at Fudo. "Not bad ki....." A flash of power coming from behind sent frag hurlting across the desert screaming. "GOD DAMN COCK SUCKING SONUVA........." was all fudo could hear before Frag left hearing range and was persued by a golden streak which was obviously the person who fired that blast moving at a very high speed.


A moment later at the controll center for the dimensional glue gun Trig's work was disturbed by Frag and a still continuing string of profanity "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUK You!" which along with Frag's involuntary flight was stopped when he impacted on the oposite wall.

Frag stood up shaking his head. "Oh yeah somebody is deffinately tired of breathing" Frag stepped over to the hole his entry had made in the wall to confront his attacker. It was a man who floated a few inches above the ground, was clad in skintight gold and had two wings extending from his back. His hair was spikey and silver. His face showed both confusion and rage, a dangerous combination. Frag poked him in the chest "Listen up shithead. The name's Frag Theat F for Fucked which is what you are now. R as in eRradicated which is what you're gonna be. A for Ass which is what I'll be kicking and G for God who you better start praying to because I'm about to send you to him."

The gold clad one looked down to Frag and sneered. "I am Judgement and you will burn sinner burn burn burn burn burn!" he said to Frag in a shaky maniacal voice.. Frag stepped back. "Oh shit!"