Da Crew

Drug of Choice: Bandwidth
Mac has been my best friend since Jr. high. He's moved a lot and now we're seperated by a few states but we keep in touch via the wired and he comes to visit every so often. He tought me how to write HTML and a lot of other things. Mac is best described as well.....Mac.
I.M. Pikallo
Drug of choice: Transformers
Alternately known as just Pik, Fire Convoy, Super Fire Convoy and Ray. A good friend since high school. We share many a fandom and have simillar opinions on things. A good friend I can always trust.
Weird Bob Yankovic Drug of Choice:chocolate

Alternately known as Blitzcreig, Shane, and Skywalker. He's a crazy dude and a chocoholic. We fight sometimes but always make up eventually. Fun to hang around with.
Drug of choice: alchohol
alternately known as Adam Shakes is one of the coolest people I've ever met. He's a bit edgy to the more conservative type though. He manages Shakespearsworld.com
Drug of choice: also alchohol
Aka Tom Servo aka guy who gave me internet access and as such is Jesus bloody Christ to this site. He's Shakes' brother and all around fun guy. Ami
Drug of choice: Irish dance
alternately known as Chels, snowmaiden, and snowprincess. Who says online romance doesn't work. I can't keep my mind off this girl. She loves anime and more importantly she loves me. She has such an unbridled passion for life and thawed my once cold heart. Okay I sound corny but you would too if you were in love.
Godboy Drug of choice: GOD

Alternately known as Ryan. He has no online persona. He's just a good friend I hang out with IRL. He's in church all the friggin time thus the name I gave him. But he's still cool.
Drug of choice: Gassoline
also known as Cassidy, and ClearJay He does have an online persona but no association with me online. I know him IRL. He's fun to hang around if you can find him and he helped me build this very computer. ph34r h95 1337 5ki11z
Drug of choice: well...he's trying to quit
aka darkside cassidy. He's the twin brother of the above mentioned casey. Also is more 1337 than I. Kefkafanatics Drug of choice: Kefka
Not one but several I talk to online via the kefkafanatics Mailing list. DMK
Drug of choice: randomness
One of the Kefkafanatics and is occasionally seen on the message board or contributing to the site. She is a loopy but good hearted one.
Drug of choice: Claims to "toke but not smoke" but hasn't been more specific
alternately known as zephyr. A cool dude. He's also a member of the dig staff and runs File Not Found an online comic. Currently a college student.
Jack Acid
Drug of Coice:God only knows
If you're a long time fanfic in guy you might remember him from SVAM back in the 1990's. Now he runs tutorwitch and hangs out on the webcomic scene.
Drug of Coice: Castlevania
The good people who keep my character shrine going.
Drug of Coice:??
Cool person whom is a friend of Chels. Wise beyond her years.
Drug of Coice: Plushies
another friend of Chels and a tallented artist. Congrats to her on mairage and youngster on the incoming.
Drug of Coice: insanity
Mac's sister. It's said for every good and sane sibling there's a dark mirror whom is the total oposite. this holds VERY true.
Drug of Coice:??
a long time online friend of the whole crew whom has always been supportive and offered her advice when we need it.
Drug of choice: ?
Makes manga and encourages the growth of the site. Respect his 1337ness.