Good stuff

Well Duh
Nintendo owns you. Pray to the allmighty Miyamoto.
In contrast to bad cops the local sherifs are friendly and reasonable. They'll never hassle you and they'll stick up for you when your in a jam. Here's the good ones out there.
Yes I am a child of the 80's be it generation one. Beasties. or japanese series I love transformers.
I'm an artist as you can see by the rather large fanart section. I want to break into the manga industry some day.
Complimenting my love of art is my writing. Thus my desire to write manga, combining the two.
Who says men can't cook. whether on the stove or on open flame I cook like nobodies businses.
Iron Cheff
This is so freaking cool. It gives me great ideas for new recipies. But it makes me hungry. An oasis of creative expression in the endless desert of TV programming.
Good friends
I count only a few people as those I can call true friends. People I'd trust my life with. A man cannot live alone in the world.
Did I mention I love her with all my heart and soul?
up the level of interaction. IRC could be seen as a society in its self.
I love good music and through the net I can find music I'd never hear otherwise. Not that sanitized bublegum pop culture for the masses.
Introduces me to new anime without having to pay. (too bad what they did to tenchi muyo though.)
Music with love
No not love songs but music that has heart and soul in it. Modern music severely lacks it but it's still out there. Love can be found in a few places. The music of Ozzy osbourn, the raw aggression of Korn, Creed, the blues, and when Chels plays the violin. That's where the love is.
Martial arts
Self disciplin and the assurance that you'll never get beat up again.
Sesame street
Sound strange? It's really positive for kids and actually even makes a lot of sense when your' grown up and well...stoned off your ass. (on caffine of course) Not to mention it's based in the fucking Ghetto. Let's see barney last five minutes in there. But we all know that Big bird is way cooler than elmo ever will be.
Cuz Mr.T is helluva cool.
Mastering the way of the blade takes disciplin and controll. Mastery of the sword makes you a better person. Although I don't approve of buying swords just for wall decoration.
snack foods
The following I find iresistable. Pringles. (serving size suggestion 7-10 chips. acual serving size 1-2 cans) Sour cream chips. when combined with pringles this is considered crack. Jerky Need jerky to preserve my youth. Fish sticks. You can controll me with fish sticks.
The 80's
In case you haven't figured it out yet the 80's kicked ass.