Real Life Frag

Vinnie (what you thought I'd tell you more?)
Drug of Choice
Caffine in irrisponsibly large doses.
Hattiesburg in southern Mississippi. Yes it sucks living here. and this is one of the bigger towns. About all there is to do here is go to the mall. Everything but taco bell and wall mart is closed after midnight. It rains all the Fucking time here.
I stand at 6 feet and two inches. This I consider just above average for where I live as "they grow 'em big down here" I have deep blue eyes. My hair is dark brown and rather long, normally tied into a ponytail. I refuse to cut it short as 1. I look fucking stupid with short hair and 2. it's just a part of me. cutting my hair would for most people be like losing a finger. My skin is very pale due to my Irish decent. For this reason I avoid the sun and when I am out in the daytime I wear long sleeves and sunglasses. I normally wear black or dark blue and flannel. NO I'm not trying to be rebellious it's just what I look good in. I've always been unusually strong so I used to make money by moving heavy objects for people. Now thankfully I have a much easier job in online sales.
I was born in 1980 in November. I went through the general bitter geek's childhood. I got in fights all the time so I started to train in the martial arts. I eventually was able to kick the crap out of anyone throughout highschool but that didn't keep anyone from trying to piss me off. They just became to cowardly to throw a punch. I made it through high school (barely) without killing anyone. The Collumbine shooting incident was benificial to me because in my senior year no one would screw with me for fear of their life. It helps to be known as "Violent Vinnie" or "The Collumbine Kid" Payback's a bitch aint it. I've been through a bit of college struggling with money. I have the worst luck with cars. My first wrecked due to brake problems and the second broke down and I am still working on it. My religion is Catholic. And if you feel like dissing my religion like so many of the biggots out there then just shut the fuck up and go somewhere else. I don't like hate filled poeple reading my webpage. If you're fine and dandy with my religion then hang around and enjoy.
I have very little of it. Mostly this is due to plain bad luck. Some day I'll make it though.
....Don't wanna talk about it. Go away.