You know what I hate? THE MOON!
Turn that damn thing off. I'm trying to sleep.
Sellout bands piss me off. wheather it be these boy bands that were born sellouts or metallica which sold out in the last few years. I don't listen to sellout music. Once the music is being made only for the money the love is lost and so is the tallent.
Why do poeple see me as strange just because I'm active at night. Just because some cave man was scared of the dark poepl don't think it's natural to be out when the sun's down.
Microsoft is the devil. Crappy software that they force down our throughts because they've elliminated every other option.
AOL fosters the idea that you shouldn't have to learn about technology to use it. It's like letting a 2 year old behind the wheel of a car. I don't mind newbies getting online but they should be willing to learn. AOL tells people the don't have to learn.
Everything's a sin and hate veryone that isn't exactly like you. Christ would hurl if he met these people. The only thing they worship is the all mighty dollar.
There's no excuse for war. it's just when governments are too busy waving their balls around to realize they are getting good people killed.
Nuclear weapons
Who the fuck thought that was a good idea?
Arrogant fucking cops
Not all cops are bad but a lot of the young ones are only in it to make themselves feel powerful.
TV is the opiate of the masses. Once a way to convey free speech it is now its oponent as it fills our homes with useless babble that doesn't entertain but rather enesthitizes Joe everyman. The people's minds are filled with drivel by the major networks and cable alike. TV keeps people in line. It prevents dangerous thoughts like saving the environment or complaining about what's wrong with the world. Take up your remote and fell the chattering cyclopse.

Cellular phones
Sure it's cool at first but to be honest I leave the house to get away from such annoyances. and no matter what's going on they always take precedence over anything else. Conversation, movie, paying attention to the damn road. I just wanna chuck these things in the river.
Overactive atheists
Sure if you don't want to belive in God then I won't make you but quit trying to push it on everyone else dammit.
toothpick people
Okay they think they're in good shape just because they're starving themselves. News flash. I can still kick your ass so eat dammit.
yeah this goes without saying but I'm saying it anyway.
Political parties
pick your poison. Bunch of morbidly obese fanatics whom are in the pocket of big bussiness or a bunch of communists with a fancy name who want to strip away every freedom of property, speech and thought. (for the politically ignorant that's republicans as the former and democrats as the latter)
My own personal hell. I think God created allergies shortly after creating the various opiates of the world.
Soccer Moms
do it for the children they say. Of course this only applies when they want to take away your rights.
I just hate these things. Gas guzzling, a threat to everyone on the road and of course preffered vehicle of soccer moms.
The sun
See the moon. Add sunburn.
animal haters
you know those people who torture animals for their own ammusement. Yeah I've known a few. They should be castrated.
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