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Here are my remixes. Download and enjoy.

  • Technovania Okay this was relaly just an excues to play around with the new scratch tool I got from Analog X. Really the techno ish mixes were already in the sound test of Castlevania bloodlines though not the music of any actual level. Anyway I put them in a medly and overlayed some sound effects just for the hell of it. Not that great but not that bad but at least it was fun to make.
  • Robot Revolution There are two main components to this remix. One being the Toonami track "Infolink" and the other being the probram Say it from Analog X the same I used to make "411 j00r b453" I've always loved robots for as long as I can remember and this mix is a dedication to my favorite cold hearted metal death machines.
  • 411 j00r b453 If you say all your base one more time I'm gonna set you up the bomb. This is more of a medly than a remix. With a little extra added by yours truly using a program called Say it from
    Haunted Castle This is yet another castlevania remix. The title of the song I used to make this was Vampire killer. But this time not like the hard and heavy rock style but rather a creepy background. It's pretty good for creating atmosphere.
  • Fragspeak This sumbitch is what I wanted to do ever since I started mixing. It's a pretty standard fare remix of a toonami track. But what makes it special is that it's laced with some of my favorite fragisms. So download this puppy and trip to my own vocalizing tallents in the style that makes fragspeak so cool.
  • Creeping Evil This is an upbeat remix of one of the toonami tracks. I'de rank this among my very best works. It's an upbeat piece that'll have your toe tapping for sure.
  • Peace Forever In memorium for those killed by the cowardly terrorist attack which destroyed the world trade center in Manhattan, All I can offer you is this song. It's slow and dark to start off but it becomes more upbeat as it progresses which serves as a reminder that when things are broken people rebuild and when life is lost new life will spring to take its place.
  • Transformers on Toonami This isn't exactly a remix. I didn't alter the music its self in any way. Instead I took one of the beats from the Toonami soundtrack (which you can find at and laced it with G1 voice samples. Sure we may never See transformers on toonami but download this and you can at least dream of it.
  • Bloody Relativity a very creepy sounding remix of the final boss theme from Castlevania Bloodlines. and when I say creepy I mean creepy.
  • Classic Tears A remix of bloody tear from the castlevania series. This is very slow and classic sounding as the name implies
  • Mutually Assured Destruction The Transformers. We all love them. and the eternal rivalry between Megatron and Prime is given homage in this remix of the G1 theme music. There's a ton of voice samples to be heard here.
  • Electric Hedgehog. This is a remix of a very cool bit of music from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. It's slightly techno and has a beat you can dance to.
  • Catgirl on Sugar Rush A cheery hip little Remix of ChamCham's theme from SS2. There's a nice bass thump in the background to rattle the floorboards and a trippy main beat to pick up your spirits when you're down.
  • Techno Kaizer A base thumpin techno remix of some of the Gowkaizer music. It's kind of short so you may be wanting more when it's over. Crank up the volume and max out the base and this one will shake the floors.
  • World Ressurection A remix of the music from those kickass resurection scenes from Terranigma. This particular remix is very calming and sounds sort of like NeoMeditation
  • Big Nasty Bastard This is a remix of Earthquakes SS2 theme. It's simillar in style to Metalstinger, and Grunge Ninja with a downright mean twist to it. If you fancy yourself a bar brawling badass then give this one a listen.
  • Knights of Inferno This is a remix of Seigar's theme from Samurai Shodown2. It's very omnious sounding. Almost has a terminator feel to it. Bass and distortion to be enjoyed.
  • Bigmix After numerous requests by mecha fans I finally made this badass heavy metal style Big-O remix. If you like queen you'll like this. And special thanks to toonami for bringing us this badass anime
  • Blazing Shodown This is a remix of Kazuki's theme from Samurai Shodown 4. I was trying to capture the feel of a western with this one. It starts slow to capture the feel of a tense pre showdown situation with the burning mid day sun beating down then speeds up twice to signify the increase in intinsity.
  • Burning Heroes A remix of several character themes from Voltage Fighter gowkazier. You should deffinately download this remix as its among my best if not the best.
  • Dark destruction I liked Amakusa's SS4 theme a lot but there never seemed to be enough going on. This is Amakusa's theme with an intense backbeat. It's funky yet evil at the same time.
  • Demon's Tear This is an uber sad remix of Zankuro's death scene from SS3. Careful this one may make you cry.
  • Diva Queen A remix of Shaia's theme from Voltage Fighter Gowkaizer that is so cheery it may turn your stomach. Once again the background bass thump lends to the music in places.
  • Do it with Style A remix of Ukyo's SS4 theme. Much like Amakusa's theme it was cool but not enough was going on. So again I gave it some background and this time I picked up the pace as well while still maintaining the calm and cool feel that makes Ukyo so cool.
  • Foul Fiend of Hades This is a remix of Genjuro's SS4 theme and is quite badass. I tried to capture the Genjuro's rage and I think I did a good job. Actually this was my first successful remix and still one of my best.
  • Grunge Ninja This is a remix of Galford's SS4 theme with a lot more base and a lot more thump to it. This should be playing on the jukebox when you start a barfight. This is one of two Galford mixes I've made. This one is the Bust version
  • Let's Go Poppy! a more happy sounding remix of Galford's theme. You'll hear poppy growl here and there while Galford makes with the samples. This is the Slash version of the remix
  • Journey's End this is a rather upbeat version of SS4's end theme.
  • LosLocoSuperhero A remix of Brider's theme from VF Gowkaizer. This tiem around I was going for a latino sounding beat. To be honest this is not among my better works but it does have its good spots.
  • Medly of Damnation This is a medly of various boss themes from the samurai shodown series. You'll hear bits and pieces from all your favorites Amakusa, Mizuki, and zankuro. This one's a drummers paradise with the pounding beats.
  • Metal Stinger once again from Gowkazer comes the theme of Hell stinger as a heavy metal riff. Much like Grunge ninja in it's sound but not as long.
  • Neo Meditation As a test of my abillities I made this calming little mix entirely from the NeoGeo startup sound
  • Ninja! No Data this is a remix of Fudomaru's theme from Gowkaizer. It's not one of my favorites but if you really like Fudomaru's theme you might like this as well.
  • Tears and Frost This is a mix together of both Nakoruru's and Rimururu's themes from SS4. Despite the simillarities between the two themes this remix really brings out their differences yet comes together well with a contrast between sorrow and cheer.
  • Tranquil Waters This comes from Sogetsu's SS4 theme. I made this one almost exactly the same way I made Do it with style so it has a very simillar feel. If you liked Do it with style then Download this too.
  • Warrior's Idiom This is a remix of Zankuro's SS4 theme but you'll find it sounds nothing like its original. It gets really good once the piano kicks in. Among the very best of my creations.
  • That Foreign Girl this is a remix of Charleot's SS4 theme. It starts off sounding kind of sad but then picks up the pace and works with Haohmaru's theme too. The lonely spanish guitar sound actually works well with the japanese flute believe it or not.


    Here the voice of Frag